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    Core™ i9-9900K 8-Core 3.6 - 5.0GHz Turbo, LGA 1151, 95W TDP, Processor
  • Motherboard
    ROG MAXIMUS XI EXTREME, Intel Z390 Chipset, LGA 1151, HDMI, E-ATX Motherboard
  • RAM
    32GB Kit (2 x 16GB) Trident Z DDR4 3200MHz, CL14, Silver-Red DIMM Memory
  • GPU
    GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti OC ROG-STRIX-RTX2080TI-O11G-GAMING, 1350 - 1665MHz, 11GB GDDR6, Graphics Card
  • Case
    View 91 Tempered Glass RGB Edition, No PSU, XL-ATX, Black, Full Tower Case (6x NF-A14 IPPC-3000 PWM 140mm, 3000 RPM)
  • Storage
    1TB 970 PRO 2280, 3500 / 2700 MB/s, V-NAND 2-bit MLC, PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe, M.2 SSD
  • PSU
    AX1600i Digital, 80 PLUS Titanium 1600W, Fanless Mode, Fully Modular, ATX Power Supply
  • Display(s)
    ROG PG279Q
  • Cooling
    ROG RYUJIN 360, 360mm Radiator, Liquid Cooling System (6 x NF-F12 IPPC 3000 PWM 120x120x25mm 4Pin Fibre-glass SSO2 Heptaperf Retail)
  • Keyboard
    ROG Horus GK2000 RGB
  • Mouse
    ROG Sica
  • Sound
    on board
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. Even if they come in range and even if they connect, can't they just move out of range of the network and it will be fixed?
  2. Hi I need help looking for a laptop to buy for gaming. I want to have touchscreen capabilities and at least RTX 3070. I know the ROG Flow x 13 is a good laptop for gaming with touch but I want at least a 15 inch laptop.
  3. So are you saying you think it will be safe for me to change the settings and try it?
  4. I usually can get anywhere from 200-400 mbps according to speedtest however sometimes it can go as low as about 70 mbps. I am however a good distance away from my modem and router.
  5. If I turn on link aggregation would that improve my wifi speed? I have a 1 gig plan from Comcast/Xfinity
  6. I have the cm1150v and I don't think I have link aggregation on the modem or my ROG GT-AX11000 router.
  7. I have the voice version CM1150v of the one you are looking at. I would recommend the one you have linked above.
  8. I was wondering if I would be able to switch from WPA 2 personal to WPA 3 personal on my Asus gt-AX11000 router it says it will require me to switch protected management frames to required. Will making these changes cause any connectivity or wifi performance issues?
  9. Exactly, the people who are offended by it are probably pro life people. Also I disagree that most people have never heard of it since abortion is one of the hottest and most divisive issues here in the US right now
  10. download this patcher and you may be able to run the latest MacOS Big Sur even though your iMac is not officially supported https://github.com/BenSova/Patched-Sur/releases
  11. So is there a way to not share my bandwidth with others in my neighborhood? I have a gig plan with Comcast/Xfinity.
  12. Surprised you didn't want to get your own modem and get rid of the Xfinity one. When I got my router I also decied to get my own modem and stop renting from Xfinity. I probably now have a better modem and I saved $30 every month and I actually own the modem. I have the gigabit plan and my bill went from $170 to $140 a month. The modem I got that is compatible with Xfinity is Netgear CM1150v https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-Nighthawk-Cable-Modem-CM1150V/dp/B07LCHLFD6
  13. I haven't had any issues since I last posted but I will post again if I have issues.