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  1. Its in my account and they're good enough thats why I didn't mention them.
  2. So in the last month and not before that when I play games and watch videos the video always starts to lag but this only started recently. My computer also reports im using up to 26gb of ram in some cases when I'm not doing anything that would cone close to that.
  3. Just got doom eternal because it was on sale, but it does not work in the slightest. The first time I launched it it had a weird re and aspect ratio. The rest it just crashed my computer. Tried 3 times. I also tried turning down the graphics in geforce experience to see if that changed anything, but it didn't. In the morning I'm going to try installing new drivers but then I'm out of ideas.
  4. I was also being stupid. Forgot windows makes one for you. and don't call me a non-techie. yes I am using windows
  5. can't uninstall stuff because windows is too stupid to think the only account isn't an administrator
  6. I was just reinstalling Halo:MCC because it's broken as usual. After uninstalling the 160gb game from my c drive it said I only have 60gb free. This wouldn't be much of an issue if windows would let me download to my d drive which it wont because if I set it as default drive it will give me an error and if I try to download it on the drive from the windows store it says it needs to be set up. Back to my c drive, I tried to look through the folders for big files but I couldn't. I looked at the properties of all of the folders and it all added up to 113gb. Any help for either problem is apprecia
  7. But it's never happened before and I don't if its just me but the haptic is weaker. Another reason for me to think its not ois is because it only rattles when I shake it back and forth. Can barely even hear it side to side and it does not sound like its moving much.
  8. So I was setting my phone down on the couch but I heard a rattle coming from the phone. I thought it could be the s pen but it isn't. I looked it up and people said it was the camera so I opened the camera app to activate ois but the noise is still there. However hepatic feedback feels weak and sounds almost hollow rather than a vibration. I've only noticed this today around a month after I got it and I have not dropped it recently.
  9. What do you mean not helpful? I told him what he should look for.
  10. If you can remove the overclock that could solve the issue
  11. That is extremely overkill for 6 fans. If they are all corsair fans just use icue.
  12. Your ram speeds are also probably a major factor
  13. Are you using a bad cooler or does your case have bad airflow?
  14. My friend has this issue with his 8700 and 1070 his temps are pretty high but not quite thermal throttling temperatures, but his clock speeds drops. Does this sound like what you are experiencing when it happens?
  15. Unless you get a higher resolution monitor
  16. The gpu could use an upgrade but everything else seems fine
  17. I wouldn't. It would be dumb to spend 500 now and 500 or 700 later on the same thing unless you need the small bit of extra power
  18. Look for something that is 400-500 watts and has an 80+ rating.
  19. Have you done any overclocking? The computer probably needs to be on for this but have you tried flashing the bios?