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    gaming. photography. mining crypto. martial arts.
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    volunteer at charity used pc store


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    Ryzen 7 2700X
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    Asus prime x470 pro
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    gskill 3200mhz
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    gtx 1070ti
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    phanteks p400 temperd glass
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    intel mvme
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    iiamya 144hz 1080p
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    has buttons
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    has less buttons than keyboard
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    corsair void pro
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  1. So the ETH (ethereum) algorithm is run only on the VRAM of the graphics cards leaving the GPU core itself doing very little. it means that you can underclock the core a lot saving a lot of energy and efectively extending the longevity of the chip. if you leave the VRAM stock then effectively you can extend the lifetime of the card by so much that it will last a lot longer than if you were gaming on it for example. this goes for any coin that uses the Ethereum blockchain and algorithm. this includes ETC (Ethereum Classic) which you can mine on a 4gb card. RVN (raven) algorithm on the other hand
  2. glad to hear its working fine. i really had my doubts that it was your PSU. nicehash is good for smaller opperations. only problem with NH is that it chooses which coin to mine. so i had to turn off all the miners which supported RVN to make sure that it wouldnt auto switch to RVN. 3060ti is awesome card i wish i could have one for my gaming rig. keep in mind that 3060ti will be LHR so you will need to use a miner that maximizes its profitability. i think NB miner was one of them.
  3. im not to sure its ur PSU. i used a no name brand ketchup and mustard PSU for like 7 years. still going strong. thats not to say every ketchup and mustard psu is ok. im not aware of the reputation of your particular PSU but i know alot of stuff gets thrown around on these forums. i bought a 1000w LC power supply because it was dirt cheap. there were whole threads on here saying how bad they were. but it was too cheap to miss and im glad i got it as its perfectly fine. a lot of online shop reviews say they are fine too. mining puts a lot of demand on your GPU it could be that its just not
  4. script mining is the way to go mate. its pretty easy to set up. and mine directly to your coinbase wallet without paying the middleman nicehash
  5. i would stick with ethermine if i were you. i dont think you will be loosing much due to latency. as long as your reported hashrate is stable. i was about to sudjest hiveon and install hive os but since you have a lan centre it might not be so practical
  6. definately. iv noticed that gpu fans actually move very little air. the blades are just too thin
  7. are all the cards of the same brand? we had 8 cards in the rig. not a single one is the same. all different makes and models. each one has a different thermal solution. i think thats why our rig is so inconsistent. we have a rx 5700xt running at 60c and another one we had to pull out because it was getting hotter than 85c on the same settings. i have a personal rig too and the best performing card in it is a rx 480 wich had a broken fan controller so i pulled the fans off and cable tied 2 small case fans to it. its now the coolest card now in the rig by about 20c.
  8. like IPD said. sounds like a dieing hard drive. make a backup of all your important files just to be sure.
  9. have you tried bypassing the power button by unplugging it and using a screwdriver or something to jump the pins. if it turns on then all u got is a broken switch.
  10. what are the components. it helps if we know what we are dealing with. i had a similar problem with a ryzen 2700x. turned out i had to disable C-State in the bios.
  11. im looking after a rig for a friend. it has an asortment of cards 480's and 580's i find the hashrates on them to be quite inconsistent. i have some running around 27-29mh/s and some dont make it that far at about 22-24mh/s i think it just depends on the cards. there are some rx 5700's in the rig and i find they are much more consistent i run windows and have played with the oc quite a bit trying to get the less performing ones to perform better but i have given up trying to squeeze every last mh out of the cards and just run a mild underclock on the core with timings level 1. its stable and
  12. unfortunately if im not mistaken then all 3060 (non ti) are LHR (low hash rate) which halves its potential hashrate. to start mining you need to build a pc which means cpu, motherboard, psu, ssd etc. it probably wont be worth it as you wont be making enough on those cards to pay off the rest of the pc let alone the cards. however you will make something and if you want to do it just to try it and learn something then go for it. like you said you can always sell the cards and components later if it doesnt work out for you. but be careful its addictive. my advice would be to start out mining on
  13. i mean. if your gonna be mining on nicehash. nicehash has a profitability calculator which is pretty decent. use that as a guide