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  1. Can't l buy the missing piece on ebay?
  2. Deleted some files like a text document and l think perflogs but l don't remember. l also changed all my drive letters except my C:. drive (but for some reason it changed to an E) and l couldn't shut down my computer as it said it was shutting down but then returned me to my desktop screen. I clicked restart and now every time now turn on my computer it askes for a keybaord language, then asks to choose an option. I tried statup repairs and that didn't fix it. Tried chkdsk which worked in fixing some errors but didn't fix my boot problem. sfc /scannow said "windows resource protection could n
  3. Could l try to replace the broken files through another drive? I can access the hard drive through another drive.
  4. Maybe i'll try to download same version my broken windows is on https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/the-system-cannot-find-the-file-specified/f08d549b-176f-4a8b-a297-17b32919a664 But to do that I need to know what build this broken windows 10 is on. How do l find out using the cmd through this bootable recovery tool. Tying in system info gives me a message saying "'system' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file" Can't l lock onto the C drive or something and then run the command somehow?
  5. Whoops, typed in the wrong thing. Tried it now and it says "system cannot find the file specified"
  6. Forgot to mention I am using windows 1803 version since have already downloaded it and internet speeds here are crap and it would take hours to download the latest windows 10 onto this usb. Also I don't know the version the damaged windows 10 is on. It's around a year old.
  7. Bootrec /fixboot said "repairs critical disk structures. The following commands are supported: /fixMbr, /Fixboot, /scanOs, /RebuildBcd" bootrec /fixboot said "The system cannot find the file specified" bootrec /scanos said "sucessfully scanned windows installation. Total identified windows installation:1 bootrec /rebuildcd said the same thing for the first sequence.
  8. I have an old hard drive that has damaged windows files and l can't get into the operating system and gives me an error code:"0xc000000e". I tried using a Bootable usb windows 10 and using the repair settings but Windows startup repair didn't work. Where do l go from here?
  9. You could try that but its a hit or miss. Even if you do succeed it might fail again in the future. I I don't have a spare throwaway oven so good luck!
  10. Holly sh*t. That might just fix it. Definitely going to try that. I'll reply back here if successful or not.
  11. When l took out my new gpu to put in a new one l had to disconnect everything from the back. Its magically fixed now so yeah.