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  1. Ah, ok I suppose that makes sense. On another note, you have a G14 with a 2080 and a 4900HS? Where can I find this unicorn?? All I can find in my searches is just the 2060 Max-Q
  2. I would really like to see if the 8GB of on board memory could be de-soldered and replaced with a bigger module (to get more than just 16gb of dual channel memory) I ask this out of complete curiosity, so don't take it as something I would actually want to do. Linus usually does cool experiments and it would be great to have him try it. Or I could be completely off and this is a completely idiotic request (highly likely) But still...very curious --oh and I do plan to buy a G14 because I'll be deploying soon and a small light gaming laptop would be gre