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  1. Ok. I've looked at a couple reviews, and while the cooler is good, it's not amazing thermally, and the 10700K can definitely get toasty. It's looking more and more likely that MrSauber's idea is the right one. If you're completely unfamiliar with BIOS, you'd probably need someone with the same brand and generation of motherbaord to walk you through it, or... you could just leave it as is. It's honestly not that big of a deal, and if you're not the sort to enjoy tinkering with your system, it might not be worth the effort
  2. Did you install the cooler yourself? If yes, are all the screws tightened well, and are you sure you didn't forget thermal paste?
  3. It is technically safe, as in it's not going to be killed by that. It is high though, meaning it's gonna run slower than it could. Looking at the long-term, the lifespan could be affected by high temperatures, but that's more of a theoretical thing rather than something you should actually worry about. I doubt it has much to do with DLSS, or other GPU settings for that matter What kind of cooler, case, and case fan configuration do you have? When was the last time you cleaned the CPU heatsink?
  4. Depends on how much the looks are worth to you. It would work, but definitely run hotter, and thus slower
  5. If you find no luck here, try /r/tipofmyjoystick
  6. I doubt this is big enough to be worth doing anything about. It's like what, half a second?
  7. What's the dock? I've got a monitor with a built-in dock - it takes DP over type-c video input, + a couple of type-a ports downstream + provides power to whatever is connected. I thought I'd try it out, connected to my S20, Dex came up with an error message, something along the lines of not finding anything compatible and referencing Samsung's own proprietary dock. At which point I firmly decided they can go f themselves
  8. Looks about the same as my K95, not sure how different they are under the hood
  9. They used to, but that's not really the case anymore. A lot of devices come with c - c cables these days
  10. It's not bad as-is, but I'd add one extra 140mm front intake
  11. I'm definitely with Linus on this one (referring to that old WAN show clip about 20TB drives). The imbalance between capacity and speed is getting too big for HDDs this large to be a good choice. You don't want to spend two days rebuilding a failed drive
  12. Because these events are a replacement for LTX 2020, and inter-channel cooperation is kinda the theme and the point of LTX
  13. Well, it's probably safe to say that a faster cpu will last a bit longer at least. How much longer, and whether it will make a real difference is not something anyone can answer beyond a wild guess. Personally I'd only do it if the price was really not a problem
  14. That's a lottery. It's very hard to predict how CPU requirements will change in the future regarding multi-threaded vs. single thread performance. It's not even that easy to guess what your usecase will be a few years from now. Usually it's not worth it. By the time you need a 5950X, you might even be able to buy a faster cpu for the price difference you save now