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  1. Yeah true, don't know why I didn't think of that in the first place.
  2. Oh dear jesus no. I've got a 500GB drive somewhere, granted it's a HDD. LMAO
  3. Yeah man, thanks for all your help thus far. Really appreciate it. Now to find a spare drive to back up 200GB worth of files lol. Hope to have interactions with you in the future, hopefully more positive instead of a dead OS situation.
  4. I installed it, back when he was using a singular Xeon. Windows 10 Home Version 1903 OS build 18362.329. Considering backing up his files (Granted there are a ton, 300GB worth) and just resetting.
  5. Alrighty I did that, and same result. A 0x800f0805. However I bought this key directly from Dell, and I haven't used it yet (I've used it on another PC, but that Desktop has been unregistered so there are technically no uses on it.). So if the key is verified as working, what the hell am I doing wrong here. I just need to upgrade his old system as Windows 10 Home doesn't support multi cpu setups (Old Precision 490 with Dual Xeon 5160s).
  6. I have attempted using slmgr, but it's not accepting the key as it cannot verify it.
  7. C3nturi_

    KMS Resetting

    So my brother attempted to use a few hacky things to obtain Windows 10 Pro without paying (We have multiple legit keys though, unbeknownst to him). Anyways he modified the KMS settings so now we can't use our legitimate keys to upgrade his system. Any idea how I would get it back to the default windows KMS settings?