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  1. I mean why would they use the term backdoor?. Genuinely curious. They arent exactly going to call it "Super secret CIA entry subroutine". If its merely a coincidence or an oversight its a bit of a bad reflection on the quality of their codebase.
  2. If i was a leaker whose purpose is to leak corporate files that should be public because something is going on, id take a great deal of pride in drumming up some serious internet storm with some bait, get the media talking about it before dropping the really good stuff. From a media strategy POV it makes great sense so you dont overload them with info. Youd have to put something credible out to make sure people are listening. As the saying goes
  3. Have you for instance searched the term "backdoor" in any of the firmware sources? Not saying its revelatory but its definitely confirming some level of backdoor hard coded into systems. Maybe OEM's are aware but i sure as hell bet the consumer isnt.
  4. Right but as i say, time will tell. You wouldnt leak your best bits before drumming up some interest.
  5. Im just saying the guy has a good track record of decent leaks and has already said the further leaks have more classified info. I would guess the initial leak was to get some attention and judge interest and possible backlash if the rest was released. Im not questioning your knowledge of the subject matter. I build high end rendering machines and server farms so im not some kid with a passing interest because of fortnite haha.
  6. You dont know this as fact. Its just what intels PR team are saying. As i said stop jumping the gun and wait to see the other tens of GB of leaks when they come out. The guy that leaked it is fairly well versed in leaking source code and the like.
  7. Id wait and see what happens before making the call. Ill update the post as the leaks continue.
  8. True but if you search the code there are various backdoors in there so its somewhat interesting still.
  9. Lets wait and see what the other releases reveal. It would make sense that this first release is less damaging.
  10. This is release 1 and it contains confidential NDA code. Its NDA for a reason... Even if its just trade secrets its damaging and their stock price will likely show it.
  11. Yeah but zips with the password "Intel123" with binaries and initialization code. Thats pretty compromising. You clearly didnt get the joke. We all know intel is plagued with issues.
  12. Nobody: Dr Su: *Laughs in money* *Aggressively eats popcorn while using AMD Ryzen CPU*
  13. Summary Intel suffered a massive data breach earlier this year and as of today the first associated data has begun being released. Some users are reporting finding hardcoded backdoors in the intel code. Some of the contents of this first release (There will be further releases) - Intel ME Bringup guides + (flash) tooling + samples for various platforms - Kabylake (Purley Platform) BIOS Reference Code and Sample Code + Initialization code (some of it as exported git repos with full history) - Intel CEFDK (Consumer Electronics Firmware Development Ki