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  1. You right it's 2.5 " my bad So i someone can explain me what those ports are? Because i might take power from them as well humm... 1 is Something to sata male, but rather than connect to the sata end i could connect my fan directly to it? 2 is a Female connector but no idea what the name of it. Fan Model I ll buy: Now I need to figure out how to send power to it... It's 50*50*15mm
  2. Hello Andrew and thank you for your clear and quick reply! First something i didn't say is that the free hard drive bay is bigger than a basic 3.5" bay because HP uses an anti vibration system like that: For sata power my understanding is that any fans will do? In this case I don't need something with high Rpm because the goal here is to make the Hot Air flows anywhere arround, I mean the heating problem comes from the fact that the air doesn't flow at all so it just slowly accumulates. I was thinking of this fan: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B002KT
  3. Hello everyone, I am not new pc but on this one i need help. I have a pretty basic laptop which is an HP CB00 NF series, I5 7300HQ and GTX 1050. It's not awesome specs but it does the job. Issues: - Temps are not good, so i did a repaste and applied some new pads on the VRM as well and also did an undervolt (-120 mV) -But still… Issue i've found is that the laptop cooling pipe is okay but the layeout of the coumponents is so bad that the heat accumulates winthin the chasis and cannot disipates effectively. Solution: