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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from Xiauj in Need opinions on my build.   
    No budget and what do you mean by location? 
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from Shuper' Luu' in [Casemod] FULLturama = Full tower + Futurama theme   
    My dog approves of this build. His name is Professor Hubert Farnsworth the Third. 

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    Psykomantis00 reacted to D2ultima in MSI GT80S Titan Laptop Questions   
    I've never touched a single Razer machine or a GT80, but I know more about both models than over half the owners. I've had a Clevo D900F, which is about as big as the GT80 is, so I do have experience from lugging around 13 pounds of laptop & power brick, as well as peripherals.
    What do you want to exactly know?
    I have seen evidence of the Razer machines sitting at thermal throttle in relatively undemanding/non-hot titles. I'm talking 70fps Overwatch with the GPU sitting flat at 93c. I play OW at 120fps and I don't crack maybe 72c on my main card, and never on my slave, in similar (but worse) ambient temps to the Blade 14's situation. I know the GTX 1080, and I know for a god damn fact that Razer can't cool it. They just added a vapor chamber contact point and kept the crappy cooling solution otherwise that they already had, which throttles the *FAR* cooler 970M models. Do you want to know what can barely cool a 1080? This:

    Razer isn't breaking the laws of physics, and their stuff is still overpriced. They're pairing it with a 6700HQ, and 2133MHz 15-15-15-35 SOLDERED RAM. You cannot change that RAM out. And that RAM is shit. And the 6700HQ is 3.1GHz 4-core load turbo boost; it's also shit, all things considered. It's not enough; it's a very bad match even if the machine DID handle its cooling well.
    The reason I bash the GT80 Titan is because it had a board power draw limit of 330W and it *NEVER* went above this. Even for spikes. The excess power it would inevitably need? It would draw from the BATTERY. Yeah. Overclock 980M SLI or use (yes, I said USE) 980 SLI at stock and play for a few hours in a demanding game? Your battery drains straight to 0 and your system throttles. Is the system physically capable of plugging in 2 x 330W bricks? Certainly. Will it use any more than 330W of delivered power, even with an unlocked system BIOS? Nope! Hence, waste of cash. The P870DM from a Prema shop would be much better (and cheaper, with a better, non-soldered CPU). Because of this, and its price, and lack of upgrade-ability even though part of its high price point was that MSI touted its upgrade-ability? I cannot recommend any form of the GT80 to anyone. It is a bad purchase. There's no other way to look at it.
    As for the GT83VR? I don't know. I haven't seen or heard enough of it, however its price tag is still massive and it still uses a soldered mobile CPU. I don't know if it can handle the DDR4 3000MHz sticks that really should be paired with it, and I don't think it has a gsync screen, and I don't think it has 120Hz panels coming either (due to the screen being 18.4" in size). Therefore, I am not wild about recommending it. The GT73VR with a single 1080? I am quicker able to recommend that. The picture above is from a Clevo P775DM3, with a 6700K and 1080 in it. It is not, without aftermarket modding, capable of running the system at full bore easily without rather high heat. The potential is there, but unless I see a Prema partner shop selling it with those modifications as a choice to pay for (HIDevolution is one shop that does most of it, but it's about $132 USD for the process), I am currently more in tune with the idea of the GT73VR and 1080 with a 6820HK as a good option. You'll need to overclock the CPU though; and that I can't just "help" you with.
    If you really want a lighter, but strong machine, I would direct you to either the Clevo P670RS, or the MSI GS73VR. The GS73VR comes with a 120Hz panel at least in some configurations, even though it's not a very good one (honestly I don't think any of them really are unfortunately; not anymore), but that's a decent selling point over the P670RS. The P670RS on the other hand can use a 6820HK and 1070 with a decent overclock on each part without too much trouble, especially if liquid ultra thermal paste is used on the CPU. But it only has 60Hz panels and you really would want a Prema mod on it (of which none are currently available, though they should be in a month or two). It also hold the benefit of being capable of switching between Optimus (for battery life) and dGPU mode (for no problem gaming and gsync etc). I also believe it can physically hold one or two of the 120Hz panels, but you would have to add them aftermarket. I have not seen anyone willing to try as yet, so I cannot definitely say "yes" or "no". But it's a potential option.
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    Psykomantis00 reacted to Curlz in Come check out the Aegis Retaliator.   
    @Psykomantis00 I thought you would like to know (encase you haven't heard). The Cutlass is now being reworked, with the Cutlass Black being the first ship of the line up being reworked.
    Josh Coons will be the artist who will be reworking the Cutlass Black, he's just finished building the Drake Herald.
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    Psykomantis00 reacted to Curlz in Come check out the Aegis Retaliator.   
    The Retaliator is a lovely crafted ship and handles really well for its size.  I have also brought the cargo bays for the front and back of the Retaliator to allow for some extra capabilities / game play (theirs other modules you can choose from).  In short, I'm happy with it.
    If you are just looking to fly around on the PTU for now, I would shy away from the Retaliator.  The torpedoes are buggy to use and the only other weapons you have are the man turrets, which aren't that easy to use.
    The Cutlass is a nice ship, I suggest to buy a concept ship that's cheaper than the Cutlass Blue and than upgrade to the Cutlass.  That way you get lifetime insurance =)
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from textreme in 87-key Macro Keyboard   
    Wow this is the first video I watched all the way through and liked in quite a while. Good on ya m8.
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from Oberon.Smite in Linus Attempts BGA Chip Repair   
    Yes, that's the message that was being conveyed in this video. You're so smart. 
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from mrchow19910319 in Linus Attempts BGA Chip Repair   
    Yes, that's the message that was being conveyed in this video. You're so smart. 
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from Drunken Savior in Linus Attempts BGA Chip Repair   
    Yes, that's the message that was being conveyed in this video. You're so smart. 
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    Psykomantis00 reacted to MrDynamicMan in i7 6950X (10 core) officially leaked on Intel's website   
    Does anyone else see a problem? 
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from Prysin in Decline in Content Quality & Exclusivity of Content   
    If everyone is saying the same thing maybe the problem is with LTT and not everyone else. I prefer my method of down voting every video when it starts and if I finish it I might remove the thumbs down. I normally don't finish them. 
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from l_zheng101 in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Looks like a dank meme generator for sure. 
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from vinyldash303 in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Looks like a dank meme generator for sure. 
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from vanished in why did linus upload a aprils fools video today?   
    Because it wouldn't be LTT if it wasn't half assed. 
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    Psykomantis00 reacted to KemoKa in Decline in Content Quality & Exclusivity of Content   
    I'm gonna just come out and admit it here - I've lulled as far as actively watching LTT's videos goes and I'm not sure that I'll ever recover. I don't mean to say that the quality has slipped, not at all, I think the quality is top-notch as ever. But good cinematography just isn't enough. You need to have good content that appeals to a wide group of people and it has to be really interesting. Not only that but the people presenting the show have to know what they're talking about to make it interesting. Unfortunately, that's where LTT falls short. None of them have the level of experience in the tech industry that others have. I remember seeing a video that showed most of the crew of LTT struggle to put their own machines together. Are you serious?
    Linus did an excellent job putting LMG together and making it grow extreeeemely quickly, but that shows his skill and experience as a businessman and as a YouTube personality, not as a tech expert. He can put together gaming desktops and servers, sure, but even he has to turn to the experts when something like a Whonnock failure happens. He went through and bricked 3 expensive server motherboards trying to build something as simple as a PFSense router, and with the growing pains of LTT, the inexperience of its members is starting to show as they're grasping for straws, trying to find something they can make videos on that won't turn off or baffle their audience.
    Say what you will about them, but I think that the best alternative in terms of content, quality, business model and actual host experience is almost certainly Tek Syndicate. Logan is more of the groovy, charismatic and outgoing personality of the channel. Maybe not the most tech-oriented, he's more artistic, but he's certainly the face of the channel, and at the very least he has enough experience to put together a FreeNAS box or PFSense router out of an old PC without breaking everything. But Wendell? Noooww we're talkin'. One only has to look at Tek Syndicate's Ultimate Nerd Compound video to know that Wendell alone makes LTT look like child's play all by himself. Wendell takes and explains concepts that LMG would never think about touching as far as explaining to the end user. Install Arch Linux? Use ZFS and BTRFS to ensure that you don't lose your data? Build a router out of parts you pull from a dumpster? Attach a Retina display to a lamp arm and use it as a monitor? Use VT-d extensions with a KVM to get GTA V running on a windows virtual machine under Linux? Setting up your own surveillance server with a Linux netbook and a couple of USB webcams?
    LTT would look at those and say "Oh no, we won't do those" because they'd be scared that it'd turn their viewers off, not get them likes, etc, and that's even if the crew knew anything about how to do any of that stuff. But the thing is, that's the sort of stuff that people will want to see, because even if you don't know what IPMI stands for or does, even if you don't know how to use VI, even if you're baffled at the concept of using OpenBroadcaster to stream multiple players to an ubuntu server and pitch it to multiple channels at once, it will at the very least inspire curiosity about those things to some people and gets them thinking and experimenting with that sort of stuff. And if you watch and participate in TeamPGP streams, you'll know that Wendell has a much more vast wealth of knowledge to share while teampgp plays games. LTT never could have told you that if you plug a server NIC into a desktop motherboard with an onboard Intel NIC that it will allow the onboard NIC to use the server protocols and functions on the server card. But Wendell just brought it up in passing when a GTA server was loading up. Priceless. Brilliance. I drink the man's words like alcohol.

    That's why LTT is bogging down at the moment, because they're starved of things to make videos about. It took them five years, but they got there, and now it's starting to affect their viewing value imho. Whereas Tek Syndicate has a massive list a thousand mile long of things that they could make videos on, and probably will in the future. Not to mention they've managed their business much more conservatively compared to LTT. They're focusing on content, not on making money or expanding quickly. They take few sponsors, they don't have a high amount of income, but they have made an absolute bucketload of awesome videos and plenty of topics about which they can post more videos because they have the experience and resources with which to do them.
    TL;DR, Linus is running out of things to talk about because he's exhausted both the consumer hardware field until more products are made, and the bounds of his experience (as far as I can see) - Tek Syndicate is one of the few alternatives that will dare to touch upon much more esoteric subjects that most average people won't go near. Basically, Wendell is the Gaben of computers.
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from KemoKa in Decline in Content Quality & Exclusivity of Content   
    LTT is childs play compared to Tek Syndicate. Wendel builds really neat stuff sometimes and can actually show you how to do it. Luke "builds" a fallout 4 pc that looks like shit and then takes it apart a day later. I put builds in quotations because he literally just crammed all the parts in there and made it work for the time it took to record, then took it apart. It would never last like that. That's the difference. LTT half asses everything just so they can rush a video out on it. Linus half ass painted a motherboard. Half ass paint a car with paint rollers. Whole room water cooling. The cringefest goes on and on but I'm sure you get the point. If they didn't half ass everything they do it wouldn't be so annoying.
    Linus Halfass tips. We don't know what we're doing.  <-- Should be the new slogan. 
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from JoeyDM in Seagate 6TB Desktop HDD SATA 6Gb/s @ amazon $174   
    Fanboy alert. It's obvious neither of you have done any real research, so here you go. 
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from ShadowCaptain in Uber is tracking its drivers to see if they're speeding or braking too hard   
    Of course this, but you'll never win this argument here. These kids have no idea how the real world works. 
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    Psykomantis00 reacted to Mew in [MASSDROP] Samsung 250gb EVO   
    That's not a deal at all; they're regularly at that price or even lower.
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from Bajantechnician in Will my order be damaged if left out in the cold by delivery man?   
    Let everything come to room temperature for at least an hour before you give it power. You'll be fine. 
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from GeekJump in Razer Firefly - My Review   
    I'm a razer fan when it comes to their mice. This looks like a pile of shit though. 
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from iamdarkbowser in I wonder if Linus will accept the challenge...   
    Especially your bank account. 
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    Psykomantis00 reacted to theereal in Microsoft is sorry about Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 issues   
    *Buying an Item knowing It's broken* *Says will be pissed If broken* derpderp
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    Psykomantis00 got a reaction from dalekphalm in amazon explains how their drone service will work   
    Both are highly illegal and federal offences. The first time it happens the judge is going to throw the book at them and make an example so nobody else will want to try it.