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    Street Gynecologist
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    Outer Haven
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    Jimmy rustler.


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    i5 4690k
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    8gb Cruicial
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    Titan X
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    Asrock M8
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    500gb Samsung 850 Evo
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    600 watt SFX Silverstone
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    Samsung 28in 4k.
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    Some big shiny thing.
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    CM Storm 10keyless
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    Windows 10

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  1. I'm in St. Pete so I'll be feeling it right along with you.
  2. 1050ti and under a thousand dollars. https://www.amazon.com/MSI-GL62M-7RE-407-Performance-i5-7300HQ/dp/B01N6L9R75/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1503637543&sr=8-3&keywords=1050ti%2Blaptop&th=1 If you really want a razer blade then check ebay, but like suggested here, I'd go with something else. Used with a 1060 for under 1400 http://www.ebay.com/itm/MSI-GS63VR-STEALTH-PRO-15-6in-Notebook-Customized-/162643109205?epid=228256853&hash=item25de48e555:g:PIkAAOSwaBZZnZsy
  3. Yes there is plenty of room in the dock for a screen protector. People are saying the dock causes scratches on the screen so they make a cloth cover to go over it which looks dumb. I just put the soft side of velcro on the rails on the inside of the dock (the things that are causing the scratches) and haven't had an issue.
  4. The last single player game I played to completion was Fallout 4. Before that it was... I honestly don't remember, maybe Resident Evil 5 (which was bad) and before that I couldn't tell you. I mostly play online multiplayer games. That being said... breath of the wild is sick. I bought a switch just to play this game and I love it. I love the switch as a console but this game, even if on the Wii U is totally worth it.
  5. I'm confused, are you reviewing a product or are you reviewing the USPS?
  6. This is perfect for hipsters that want to show of their triple titan x build that they use to play minecraft with vsync on.
  7. LTT are the kings of half assing tech.
  8. Oh I was asking more for the display portion of the build, I already have a pc. If I do anything to the pc I'm going to get a new motherboard and another titan x but the rest is solid. I'm considering getting another screen to go above the tripple wide but it's totally overkill, just looking for opinions. This is my setup now, just imagine a 70 inch above these, that's what I want to do. Also that glass desk under the displays will be gone once I mount shelfs behind them and can hid everything. There won't be any cables hanging down at all when I'm done. I'm still waiting on parts