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  1. Sweet! Now I just need to find a cpu in stock...
  2. So any of those in this picture will work?
  3. Hi, does anyone know if there is a bios update available for my motherboard to work on ryzen 5000 processors? I see in the bios update site it says new cpu support on one of them but I just want to make sure so I don't buy the cpu just to find out it won't work.
  4. When do you think that bios update will be ready to use? Because after researching it i'm not sure when it's available or when I should buy the new cpu
  5. When did amd say they would support 5000 series cpus?
  6. Appreciate the reply and thank god that they aren't ditching x470
  7. Thats awesome! Glad I wont have to be buying a new $200 mobo
  8. Can you send where it says there will be a bios update?
  9. I have an ROG strix x470-f mobo and if I'm correct its not ryzen 5000 compatible. Should I upgrade to a ryzen 7 3800x instead or should I get a 5000 series cpu and new mobo? I have a gtx 1080 and plan to swap it for a 3070 soon so I'm not sure what my best option is for my cpu.
  10. I would say probably my in dash back up camera. I can drive fine without it but in tight parking spots its a time and lifesaver!
  11. Hi, I have AT&T Gigabit internet and prior to upgrading my router setup I was getting 360mbps up and down on wireless devices and speeds up in the 800mbps on ethernet. But now that I just set up my google nest network, My speeds on wireless are terrible, 85mbps on down and 7mbps on up... Don't know how to fix it or if I should return it to bestbuy, anyone else have this issue?
  12. Yeah I just bookmarked the website on microsoft for the pre orders so lets hope they don't sell out too quick
  13. That's what I'm thinking about but here in the U.S, the launch is right around election time so with the drama with USPS I'm concerned with shipping delays and what not.
  14. Basically whats the best route for this to get it launch day, I'm hesitant to trust the postal system to deliver it on time.