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  1. Due to how AMD driver is made, the draw calls use a single process.There is only so much a CPU can do, before the thread is overloaded, so you will feel very little improvement between let say ryzen 3700x and i10900k in this regards, maybe 15-20%. What can excarberate the issue is If the same thread used by draw calls is also used for some other calculations like sound, AI etc. Draw calls is usually a huge load for a thread taking 50-75% or more of thread performance, depending on the game. So you can clearly see why multithreading draw calls is that important. This is what nvidia driver do wi
  2. Show frametimes graphs and compare that to nvidia equivalent of that time or vs current nvidia gpu. Different architectures are affected differently. I found that RX580 was less affected than 5700XT, maybe because it had less frames, but AFAIK i was using FPS standarized tests. Something terrible happened with RDNA and onward. Seems that RDNA2 has the same problems. Anyway, API overhead in DX11 affects all AMD gpus, some more some to lesser extent. I know that i won't buy another AMD product after RDNA fiasco. And its sad that they haven't fixed their drivers ever sinc
  3. AMD is completely rubbish in high CPU usage, DX11 games. See this: https://community.amd.com/t5/general-discussions/amd-when-will-you-fix-your-terrible-driver-overhead-for-dx11/td-p/298059 Odyssey is high cpu usage[lots of actors, open world] DX11 game = perfect recipe for disaster. One of threads is pegged by API draw calls, and frame render stalls until it resolve all draw calls. That's why its more stuttery. If you plan to play DX11 games i strongly advise to sell AMD gpu and buy Nvidia. I've researched this issue for a year, spare yourself troublesh
  4. I went to turn my pc on when I got home tonight and when I turned it on it made a weird noise and shut off and I seen smoke come out of the back. I took the power supply out and it smelled like it was burned. What did I do wrong? It was a 750w psu with a ryzen 7 3700x and a GeForce Tex 2060 super founders edition. Is everything else toast too or just my psu? Help!

    1. Bombastinator


      With luck just your PSU, but it can be random.  At that point any given part could be but isn’t necessarily bad. visual inspection can give clues.  Scorch marks, bulging capacitors etc... all point to “that bit probably won’t work” but there’s just no telling.

       This is why people buy good quality PSUs they’re less likely to do that and less likely to hurt other parts when they do.  Lot of testing ahead.  If you mentioned make and model of the PSU supposition could perhaps be made as to what the likelyhood was.  Testing would still have to be done though. 

      in any case you’re going to need a replacement PSU to even test with.  There is the PSU tierlist


  5. Memtest doesn't heat CPU much, you have either bad cpu or ram. Does it crash/stop worker when running prime95?
  6. My stock ryzen 3600 in prime95 smallest FFT has 70-71*C with kryonaut using a cheap Scythe Mugen 5 rev.B, with MX-2 it gets 77*C. I would reseat AIO, or check the flow if the aio provide the data.
  7. Have they lowered/stabilized over time? This is horribly wrong temps for stock ryzen 3600 and AIO. Something is wrong.
  8. Run prime 95 smallest fft for at least and hour, and run memtest for few loops at least. Only paid version of memtest give you more loops sadly.
  9. Ok fair point. @jonnyguru are there PSUs that use fuses and current shunts in case something goes awry?
  10. Am i wrong assuming that this is your work PC? Because otherwise, why put so much money in an absolutely stellar reliability under any circumstances? Unless you really love PSUs or money isnt an issue at all
  11. 1. A cooler might be designed to work best with intel AHS, and you have AMD ihs 2. Ryzens have terrible heat density 3. cpu manufacturers lie about TDP, a 65W Ryzen 3600 pulls 90W in full core tasks
  12. It's a shame that biostar is rarely available in my country. They make cheap and good motherboards, and cheap motherboard is all i need.
  13. It doesn't matter beside the question -are you willing to dust off your PC once in a while? If you don't mind, then you can have more exhausts. It will just pull more dust from outside.
  14. Maybe the update again tinkered with gpu clocks? Check those, if they are higher than before update. Lower them by 100mhz and check if that helps. Switch display to lower refresh rate for now and check. AMD might have bugged something again, or reintroduced some bug
  15. If you want ray tracing then the choice is simple.