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  1. Thanks. The point is, I will edit videos I shot with my Fuji X-T4. It's 4K 10 bits 4:2:0 and, while I'm definitely not a pro (I would buy a much more expensive monitor if I were), I'd much prefer staying in the camera's native resolution while editing.
  2. Hi, I hope so of you guys can help me choose a monitor. First important thing : apart from a little bit of retro gaming here or there, I am not a gamer. Therefore, all the bells and whistles specifically aimed at gamers are not something I'm overly concerned with. What my monitor will be used for : - video and photo editing - video viewing (web, YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix) - TV viewing (coming from the HDMI output of a TV hard-drive/BD-R recorder that would double as a TV tuner) Features the monitor should have : - 4K H
  3. Hi, I got a question for Mame experts. I noticed that roms for some Sega boards (Model 2, Model 3, Naomi etc.) don't seem to work under Mame, even the latest version. Quite surprising to say the least, as - these systems work with other dedicated emulators (Model 2 Emulator, Supermodel...) - Naomi and Dreamcast are very similar, and Dreamcast emulation is quite good nowadays - same generation systems by Capcom, Namco... seem fairly well supported under Mame Mame developers are very good and do a fantastic job so I was wondering, on a purely tec
  4. How much worse? I have quite a lot of footage shot with a Black Magic camera (quite high quality, with high bit-rate) that I know I won't use in any project, but want to keep for personal memory / archive. I can trade off some quality for a significant gain of space on my hard drives. I'll probably choose h265, maybe the quality loss is less than with h264? Or should I just postpone my new computer purchase and wait to see if the next generation GPUs will include the forthcoming h266 encoder/decoder ?
  5. Hi, If anyone tried h264/h265 compression with their GPU (using Handbrake), could you please tell me : does it decrease CPU usage? Thanks
  6. Hi, I want to turn my old iMac (early or late 2009, can't remember and I'm not at home, sorry) into a Linux office machine. I'll totally erase Mac Os and will probably end up using Lubuntu as it's running on my old Sony Vaio laptop and I'm kinda used to it by now. I checked the internet and found several how-to's. Main problem : as usual, most tutorials differ and I'm quite lost. eg: some tutorials such as this one https://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac/how-install-linux-on-mac-3637265/ talk about this step " Edit the line that begins wi
  7. Hi, well, title says it all: is there any motherboard for a Windows egpu set-up (you could recommend)? Intel (preferably) but AMD is OK too. I'll build a fairly SFF PC and wish to have the GPU out of the case. No worry about gaming performance, I'll only use the GPU to accelerate my NLE rendering time. Apart from that, PC will be used for basic every day tasks, plus some HTML/CSS development, and high GPU power wouldn't be required. Thanks LP
  8. Hi,I have a few questions about the current situation with thunderbolt egpu, and I hope some of you will be able to help me sort things out.Already found conflicting info on the internet, and also for conflicting infos from local Apple stores, so I’m really lost.First thing first: can I get 30bit colors using an egpu even if1) the Mac doesn’t support 30bit colors out through thunderbolt (eg: the MacBook Air)2) I’m using a consumer-grade graphic card, such as a Radeon RX 5700The chain would be: computer—>thunderbolt 3 egpu—>displayUnder Windows, no choice, one must use a professional grap