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  1. 1. Shooting in 4K/6K/8K/12K and 12-bit~16-bit RAW won't magically make your videos more interesting. 2. Shooting people walking in slo-mo over a (stolen) sad music doesn't make a video "Cinematic". 3. Despite all their clever marketing and "we're so cool and holier-than-thou attitude", you shouldn't trust Apple any more than you trust other tech giants.
  2. AMD still doesn't care about you, and we're almost 2 years after that message was written
  3. Hi, could anyone recommend me the best CPU coolers for a Ryzen 4750g in a Asrock DeskMini X300? Asrock website states about 46mm max. What are the best options available if running at base clock (no overclocking planned)? Thanks
  4. Dell Japan just started selling 5700U laptops. Hopefully someone is going to release some small desktop based on the same CPU.
  5. That's quite long to wait if it comes at all. The 4800U version isn't even available here in Japan
  6. Hi, does anyone know of any forthcoming Nuc-sized PC with Ryzen 5000U series? (preferably 5700U or 5800U) I think Asus may release something sooner or later but I don't recall hearing much about anything else. Thanks!
  7. Thanks. That's what I feared It seems the Omen 25L and 30L desktops are among the only HP computers that use standard components. Would you happen to know if the situation is similar with Lenovo and Dell?
  8. Hi, I'm curious about the HP Z1 Entry Tower G6 entry-level workstation ( https://support.hp.com/th-en/document/c06902388 ) Does anyone own the i7-10700 or i9-10900 version and, if so, could you tell me if it's possible to replace the motherboard? After digging in HP docs on line, it seems that the motherboard is custom-made / custom-shaped, which doesn't sound very future-proof in case of motherboard failure. Could a standard motherboard fit in that chassis or is it hopeless? What about other HP professional pre-built systems, such as the en
  9. Just one model (out for the many, many models) they sell has RAID. Can't remember which one. I think it was HP workstation. It's (or was, if it's been sold) 2TB (4x 500GB) configured in RAID 0. Anyway, the one I'm eyeing is this one https://www.pcwrap.com/item/detail/1222899 I'm curious what they used it for, as it comes with DOS/V. No big deal as I'd put Linux on it. I'm simply wondering what one can do with DOS in 2014...
  10. Indeed! Though, I think they wiped the drives already anyway.
  11. It's still quite annoying when the computer is on the second floor, and you have to carry it downstairs, then to the car etc. These workstations are heavy beasts.
  12. Thanks! I noticed that some of these PCs come with a RAID configuration, which is something I neither want nor need. Is it difficult to reconfigure a workstation to get rid of RAID?
  13. Hi, I was wondering, do you guys think it's a good idea to buy a used workstation? I know a company here in Japan, with a shop in Osaka, that sells tons of used computers. Among them, quite a few Dell or HP workstations. Deals are often interesting, start rather low for 4C/4T or 4C/8T Xeon + 16GB Ram a Quadro and new SSD (about ¥40,000~¥50,000), up to quite a lot more for a Dual 10C/20T Xeon + 128GB Ram a Quadro and new SSD. They also offer a 3 years warranty, which is totally unheard of around here for second-hand computers. My worry is, well, for
  14. Hi, I'm going to build a PC for mostly audio/video/photo work, and a little bit of retro gaming. At first, the computer will be fitted with a I7-10700 (I already own one) and 2 M.2 SSDs. I plan on adding a RTX 3700 or a Quadro later on, when I can find one. There will be no additional SSD/HDD inside the case, and probably no additional PCI card unless I end up needing a video/audio capture card (but it's unlikely). I want a rather SFF PC and chose the Cooler Master NR200 for that purpose (the white version without the glass panel). I don't wish to use li
  15. Isn't TB support quite wonky with AMD processors? when the first Asrock with TB was released, I think I recall discussions on Egpu.io stating that eGPU didn't work at all. Granted, that was quite a while ago and things may have changed. Anyway, thanks for your answer!