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  1. If you're having to keep paying a professional to repair it you might want to consider at which point does it become economically more viable to treat yourself to a new laptop/PC
  2. Finally did a 7 hour load test overnight (Prime 95 small + Furmark) GPU is at its OOTB settings as set by the motherboards default settings (Asus Prime B550MA) and GPU has mild overclock applied Logging started at approx 23:30 Test run started at (t) + 00:20 I went to bed at approx (t) + 00:45 closing the room door but leaving the window open CPU Delta temp is Red GPU Delta temp is Green Ambient is Blue What's interesting is the way the ambient was dropping however around 20 minutes after closing the door it rose by around 1c , presumably down to the heat being generate
  3. seems like a real Faff, have you tried playing with Cleartext settings as an alternative to turning it upside down? https://www.displayninja.com/rgb-vs-bgr-subpixel-layout/
  4. Installing RGB items means you have a choice as to whether to turn it on or not On the other hand if you install non RGB items then you have no choice if for any reason you want your rig to look "flashy" Also RGB doesn't have to be unicorn puke, you can just set ambient colours
  5. mount it upside down ??? confused dot com
  6. have to love the US electrical system. Ok I get that you are less likely to get a lethal shock from a 110/120v circuit than a 220/240v circuit (and yes I appreciate you have both as you use split phases with radial circuits from the distribution box) but I find it "amusing" that: You have plugs that can be pulled out of the wall so easily You have plugs where you can touch the exposed metal so easily You rely on a fuse/circuit breaker in the distro box That you can connect a lower amperage extension lead to an outlet with no other fused protection in the plug (ie the extension
  7. Recently added an Aquacomputer Octo to my system, tiny little box about the footprint of a credit card and only around €60/USD72 The software used with is brilliant and highly configurable All the way from Customisable dashboards Through Virtual Sensors, this one is to generate a Fan Control Temp figure biased towards GPU load This is linked to a soft sensor Which is then used in Fan Control Whats also really nice is Customisable notification that can generate windows alerts,emails or even tweets This one as an example generates a Wind
  8. I have to ask, is there a reason not to use ethernet ?
  9. to the annoying thump thump in the background (I thought I had another tab somewhere also playing) or the content?
  10. Did someone forget to tell someone elsewhere in the building to turn their ghetto blaster down!!
  11. I've only had it (the GPU) just over a month. Needed something for this PC that didn't cost an arm and a leg (and I like tinkering)
  12. especially when enhanced by chicken fillets ;o) Thing is I'm highly unlikely to be running it at this sort of load for this length of time in my daily usage
  13. Ok so after leaving it run most of the day and no dampness on the paper I've reassembled the card and put her back in. I've also managed to get the Aquacomputer Octo set up and dialled in so the fans are behaving as I want them ie the top and rear fans are linked to the GPU temps rather than CPU. Also decided to leave the shroud off based on yesterdays initial tests where the fans weren't spinning up, there should be enough airflow down for the top fan onto the card for the VRM & memory. And that curves looking way, way better and overall represents nearly a 30c drop from t