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  1. Yeah the IT guy simply gave us new credentials and told to stop tinkering with SAP.
  2. So I have to talk with the administration then. Thanks.
  3. Is there a way to remove SAP protection from laptop? My friend wants to use his organization laptop without the built in software but we are unable to remove it. I'm getting this message after reboot (see the image below). Can anyone tell me what I'm dealing with? I've already googled it and got nowhere.
  4. Checked both and both have the same results. Flickering underscore. One time one of them actually got to the boot and asked me to press F1 to start testing but after displayed this error: Also I noticed that after /RebuildBcd it can't detect any operating systems. I just reboot after that and it starts working. And now after it did it again and I entered that command it actually detected windows and asked me if I wanted to add it to the boot list for the first time.
  5. CrystalDiskInfo says that SSD is 100% healthy. But it's connected with a SATA controller so I guess that may be the problem?
  6. This problem started a few weeks ago : PC randomly freezes (maybe once in a week or more), becomes completely unresponsive and has to be powered off. After that windows can't be booted. It tries to repair the system but always fails. The only thing that helps is plugging in an USB drive with windows image and entering these commands in command prompt: bootrec /FixMbr bootrec /FixBoot bootrec /RebuildBcd After this windows starts working. I've tried formatting my SSD and performing a clean installation a few times but still the problem persists. I've checked SSD with Samsung