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  1. I have that monitor and I really like it. There are two versions of the x27 that has a few differences between them, so I would guess this one is that price because it is the first model version. I’ve seen the more current version go used or refurb for closer to $1000. With that being said, $600 bucks is a good buy if it is in good condition and considering how much they retail for. If you have a PC capable of running 4K and its in good condition (if it’s used one from a personal seller and not a refurb from a company that will give you at least a limited warranty for returns,) I would say go
  2. You can also look at some custom cooling configurators. Even if you are not planning on custom loop cooling, some of them do have case selection tools in there as well as various boards, GPUs, etc to choose from. Of course, you would have to put up with choosing rads and whatnot, but it could give you a rough approximation of what it would look like (assuming that you are not trying for the ulta compact builds that would not stand a chance of being custom cooled and whose parts probably would not be in any of their databases. Personally, @Meganter's solution is probably the best,
  3. @Polemical You are awesome! Thanks for the free game updates that you do. I would miss out on a lot of them.
  4. Teleworking during work hours. Gaming when off. Got FF VII in a day early, so I started that yesterday after work. Otherwise, just trying to do things to help me keep my sanity while staying indoors.
  5. Given that the picture with your fans is dark, I can't say for certain; however, I have my fair share of Corsair fans (I have a custom loop with their Hydro X series.) If their ship logo is facing the outside of the case, then they are blowing air into the radiator the way they look mounted to it. On all of the separate Corsair fans that I have bought, if you look on the outside housing of the fans, on one side there will be an arrow that will show you the direction of airflow. That should help you visualize things better. Here is a sample pic from an unused fan.
  6. I’ve got an FTW3 Ultra watercooled and had room to OC. If you are going with the FTW3 Ultra though, that card is a non-reference card layout so your variety of water block choices will be more limited (not sure about the MSI card.) I bought the Hydro Copper block myself and haven’t been disappointed with it. The pin site for the RGB cable on the Hydro Copper block is in an awkward place near the front of the block that was challenging to attach for me given it’s short length. I must not have gotten it fully seated since my lights are out, but I wasn’t about to disassemble
  7. I would shoot for 3600 MHz as that is considered the “sweet spot” for the infinity fabric and then the best timings that I could reasonably afford. As far as the Neo working better, I can’t say that. It is supposedly “tuned” for Ryzen, but to my knowledge, about the only thing they do is offer optimized timings with fast DIMMs. They also have gone through and verified that they work with the platform, while I don’t think the regular Trident Z RGB has that distinction. With that being said, I am not personally aware of any major issues with using Trident Z RGB with the platform. In the
  8. As @Jurrunio said, it’s a performance vs looks issue. I have that processor and when I was in the building phase, I wanted to make sure to maximize performance first. I went with 3600 MHz CL16 as my preference. Once I started with that, I then went shopping. I have the Neo myself with 16-16-16-36 timings. Biggest reason that I chose Neo was that I actually found at the time I bought the RAM, the Neo was a bit cheaper at that time with those particular timings. I did a lot of shopping around though before settling on that particular brand. Don’t get me wrong, I like the looks of the Trident Neo
  9. I can see why some people think that for sure. Like I said, it still could be possible that he did. I do agree with @ravenshrike though in that if you were going to fake your own death, it would make more sense to cremate the dummy body instead of burying it. That way, nobody could prove it was or wasn't you. With that being said, criminals are often dumb and there have certainly been some to make that very mistake. With common things being common though, the guy died due to complications of his disease. That, or if they dig him up and confirm that it is him, then the next theory is goin
  10. I’m sorry to hear about your father, but his case was far from typical. There is a bimodal distribution (2 age peaks) of diagnosis with the bulk of cases occurring at age 30 and younger with a second peak once you hit age 60+. For the older onset group, they tend to have more colon involvement (like your father) while the first and larger group has a higher involvement of the small intestine. The longer you have the disease, the more likely you will have a relapse into symptomatic disease with some estimates reaching up to a 75% chance of a relapse of symptomatic disease after being in remiss
  11. Reports that I read said that the accounting firm that was appointed to oversee the company in bankruptcy was able to tell that some of the wallets didn’t even have any coin in them at all and hadn’t for some time before his death. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-01/quadriga-has-6-cold-wallets-but-they-don-t-hold-any-crypto They also found that he had withdrawn coin from user accounts and shifted them to private accounts on other exchanges as well as keeping just enough funds in the company’s hot wallet to pay out companies, etc, which is where the theory that
  12. Not to say one way or another on the underlying issue with the company, but your statements on Crohn’s is very misleading and in some parts flat wrong. Crohn’s is more than just a colon disease. It is an autoimmune disease that can show up anywhere from the mouth to the anus. There are also other effects outside of the GI tract, including inflammatory arthritis (think RA) and even eye issues as well. Your statement as to it being “pretty controllable” is debatable. While we do have better drugs that work much better than what we had available 30 years ago, they are still not perfect
  13. Good luck on your build! How it turns out just how you want it.