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  1. i couldn't find anything that says upgrade!, and if i reinstall my windows will i lose my data?
  2. i got the following problem, i am sure that the key works!!!
  3. i have a pc with non-activated windows 10 home and i have bought a windows 10 pro key instead of a home key, now how can i upgrade from unlicensed 10 home to pro so i can activate the key that i have bought
  4. i got it from my old computer which i build long ago
  5. I built my custom PC and while install windows 10 i selected windows 10 home by mistake, now i want to use my windows 10 pro key without losing any data. can i do it?
  6. or use this video from youtube showing everything clearly on how to do it
  7. but linus did it with two i9 9900k in his minecraft server video
  8. but linus did with two i9 9900k is his minecraft sever video. how he did it
  9. you can download the windows xp .iso file from:- https://isoriver.com/windows-xp-iso-download/ and then burn it to usb using rufus
  10. ok. is the rtx 2070 super value for the price. i need it for ray tracing performance or can i stick with rtx 2060