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  1. @atxcyclist My first reply was referring to the first thread rule and not some barbed comment, but it's clear there never was any intent to engage beyond strawmanning it up in the first place. I'll humour you, nevertheless. Social security and public health services, the two mechanisms which everyone is desperately relying on now have long been continuously and systematically strip mined, whether directly or indirectly, by those appointed to protect the welfare and interests of the population, for the personal financial benefit of those who rely on those essential servi
  2. I saw the original post. The fact you immediately dismiss it with "Anything can be made political though" is part of the fundamental problem. Where you're from and who you vote for "doesn't matter," because the problems at the heart of it all are present everywhere, but where you're from and who you vote for also do matter, because while these problems exist everywhere, they're also much more egregiously rampant and ingrained in some places more than others.
  3. There's a pretty simple reply to this, but it's an inherently political answer.
  4. It's a lot easier to revive a dead economy than it is to revive millions of dead bodies.
  5. Both MS and Sony have always positioned their consoles as loss leaders, because platform licensing fees, subscriptions & microtransactions are where they make it all back and then some, particualrly as these elements are almost pure profit for them. Nintendo is the only one who doesn't tend to flog their hardware at below-cost. How do people not even know this?
  6. Mining bios are almost always tuned for power efficiency (ie. undervolted + underclocked), so chances are, flashing one will more likely reduce your F@H performance.
  7. Just imagine if Jensen diverted his leather jackets fund into paying Adobe to provide in-house/official support for NVENC in Premiere.
  8. It's basically the equivalent to racial profiling.
  9. Pretty sure we already know what the most effective way to rid someone of the infection & stop them from spreading it onto others is, and unlike all this snake oil bollocks, actually has empirial evidence you could point to in its effectiveness - Fire. It's just that it has some unpleasent side effects most people tend to try and avoid, like death.
  10. The Earth is probably just tired with our shit and wants us all to just fuck off already. It probably also sees it as doing a lot of us a favour, given how many of our own species seem hell-bent on trying to wipe ourselves as a whole out one way or another.
  11. Probably one of those EVGA Kingpin hybrids.
  12. It started off as a prank that spiraled, no less.
  13. This monitor having poor constrast is pretty much the norm.
  14. Then using that logic, it's a government's prerogative to enact whatever laws they see fit and if that includes laws which mandate maufacturers to follow rules their products' behaviours and/or compositions, then it's their right to enforce those laws however they like.