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  1. Fixed the issue; I was messing about in the nvidia control panel looking for overscan and for some reason i decided to drag around the boxes on the display config bit on the set up multiple displays tab, i clicked apply and my monitors did the usual turn off and on thing they do and when they came back on things were as they should be. weird how i did the same thing in the windows settings and it did nothing. Anyway thanks for the help
  2. I installed a new GPU (gtx 1660) and my second monitor, which is an old LG tv, is not displaying properly. The resolution of my main monitor is 1920x1080 and the tv is 1680x1050, these are what both monitors are set to in the windows display settings. Also i cannot seem to change my main monitor to be monitor 1 even though i have clicked the make this my main display box and restarted my pc. That didnt do anything so i unplugged the second monitor restarted my pc, checked the the main monitor was monitor 1, it was, then i plugged in the second monitor and it changed to being monitor
  3. Ive had to install a new PSU as my old one started having issues, but the power cable that came with the new one isnt long enough to reach my nearest socket. The old PSU is the same wattage and brand (evga 500w) and i was wondering if i could simply use the old cable instead of having to move my pc thanks