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  1. Hi, Many thanks for your response. That's what I mentioned at the beginning, that I accidentally flashed wrong VBIOS version for different series. I get black screen booting into windows and even when I am in windows. However if I restart computer during booting the computer or when I turn it off using the power button and then turn it immediately on, then everything boots up normally and I can see my screen normally. However if I turn off the computer and wait for instance an hour and then try to turn it on, I can see again only black screen.
  2. Hi, This is different model. I have 1070 Xtreme. Card looks completely different. But thanks anyway.
  3. Dear all, Hope you can help me here. I have recently downloaded latest BIOS F3 from Gigabyte website and tried to update my card (GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1070 Xtreme Gaming). Well the result was that I had a black screen. I know, "Don't fix it if it works" but well...it happened. So I have tried to download GV-N1070XTREME-8GD/F2/0404 from techpowerup web site which partially fixed the issue. First time when I power on my computer I get black screen again, but if I reboot my computer then it loads normally. The problem is that from time to time some application crashes now and the performanc