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  1. I did do one and I had both for my SSD and HDD all green, I also did Windows Memory Check thing but couldn't find any issues. I'm really not sure what it could be, a sudden freezee, should I try stress testing my GPU?
  2. Hi guys! I need some help, so I recently (August 25th) upgraded my Grapihics Card from a R290x to a MSI Ventus RTX 2070 Super OC, I uninstalled my old Graphics Drivers with DDU, updated all of my drivers on my pc (which helped), but I keep getting a freeze when playing games, sometimes after 10 min sometimes after 2 hours or so, I tried to look up forums followed some threads which seemed to help postpone the crash but what happened before was my screen just turned black when playing Dota 2 but could still talk on Teamspeak with my friends, after updating the drivers, I no longer can do t