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  1. Looking to try and get some info for a build to use Polyworks. I have an employee that needs to upgrade his current laptop, and I don't want to simply throw a 6 or 8 core CPU when it needs a GPU, and vice-versa. TL;DR - Is Polyworks more CPU intensive or GPU intensive or RAM intensive or all 3?
  2. Unfortunately, no server... If I could get my copy of Win2012 or 2016 for cheap, I'll create it all, FTP-Print-Email all the fun stuff.
  3. Do you think they will announce the new iPhone similarly to that of the iPhone SE 2 launch?
  4. Have a client with 10+ Windows 10 desktops, and multiple network printers of different manufactures. Wanting to network printers, and allow access to all printers to all PC's. Without purchasing server license, and setting up (which I would like to do - but they are cheap) what options do I have for drivers-installs?? Do I just go through and statically assign all printer IP's, and go to each PC individually install them?
  5. Looking for suggestions for alternatives for the Logiech G915 TKL version. I cannot seem to bring myself to pay OVER $200 US for one. I saw Cooler Master's SK, but are their any others? Also, do not like clicky switches, more linear/tactile for me. Here is a link to the version I'm talking about. also, doesn't have to be wireless.
  6. Love Ubiquiti products, but never used them personally. Would recommend to anyone, but for cheap route for non-IT, I use TP link.
  7. Use that cable to plug into this ceiling mounted AP, it is powered through the ethernet cable so no need for external power, it comes with it's own PoE injector. If you would like to expand your cabling network, I would recommend this unmanaged swtich. If you want to use the switch, than your simply plug an ethernet cable from your modem into the switch, then you'll run another cable into the AP, and use the others ports for your PC or anything else with LAN capabilities.
  8. They will be here tomorrow, and I'll install them and be sure to update y'all. I did some more research about them to get a better understanding, and I believe that the second CPE can be configured as an AP, but if not, I will run the ethernet cable to a cheap wireless router to serve as an AP for the shop. Not intense gaming, or downloads, just simple music/video streaming will be used. Thanks for the input guys. I will get back as soon as I hang these bad boys and see what happens. They are a great option if everything works out right, because for a price of only $40/e, that is n
  9. I recently ran cable through a home. I used a lot of tools to get the job done. Always have the right tools. First, I accessed the area in which I'm going to pull the cable (attic) I then started by cutting a whole in the drywall (there was insulation) I found the location of that wall in the attic - and used a spade bit drill a whole through the top plate I used a steel fish tape and thinly fasted one end of my cable to it and fed it through that hole until my partner (my wife) was able to grab it below Ran the cable across the attic to the other location went ba
  10. My thinking is though, if I place one at the modem in the house, and then one on the shop, will the second one be the AP for the shop?
  11. Anyone use this or something similar? I have a friends place whose access point is not strong enough to reach the all metal shop that's about 100' away. I want to use one of these to connect from the ISP provided modem to the roof of their house, and another one on the roof of the shop or inside the shop.
  12. As the title suggests, looking into rack mounted, unmanaged switches. Don't need L2 and up switches, nor want the price tags. To be more precise, I am looking for recommendations on unmanaged, PoE switches for a phone network. I am seperating a VoIP system from data equipment.
  13. Got a friend who owns a small business and have several (5+) printers that each user (10+) could use the access to each printer. Instead of installing each printer on each machine by way of IP address, I've been looking a central PC (server-ish) that I install all the printers on, and share each one. Noting the PC name and printer names. That way doesn't sound like a "better" way rather installing each printer individually. What benefit is that way, rather than purchasing a Windows server license, or installing a CUPS - or other open source server software?
  14. I've used StarTech.com before and like there products. This is what I think may help your situation.