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  1. So i reinstalled windows on an ssd while my efi , recovery and boot drives are still on my hdd. How do i shift my efi recovery and boot drives to ssd?? what software to use Laptop is a Hp Ec 1024 ax. ryzen 5 4600h and geforce 1650. I do not want to reinstall windows again without a backup of c drive.
  2. yeah and how can i boot if i the boot drive is on my hdd and i unplug it??
  3. Problem is my boot drive and efi (bios) are on my hdd. And i cant "unplug" since its a laptop. Also can i shift my efi and recovery drives to my ssd?? what software can i use
  4. So is there a way i can back up my c drive so that i can reload all my programs without reinstalling them
  5. So i want to take a backup system image of my c drive. But windows isn't letting me select only the c drive. Its adding my secondary hdd also to the backup image.(files on hdd come to 456 gb) (files on the c drive on ssd is just about 94 gb). My laptop is the Hp EC -1024 ax ( Ryzen 5 4600 H and nvidia geforce 1650). It only had a hard drive with windows on it. So since it was upgradable to ssd, i installed a (M.2 256 gb WD) and formatted my hdd and reinstalled windows on the ssd. Now the thing is the EFI and Recovery drives along with the boot drive is on my HDD. Will shifting these to
  6. Yeah so I got a new laptop for like 900 $ us, and I need a detailed explanation on the base and boost clocks of the ryzen 5 4600H. My laptop is a HP pavilion ec 1024 ax with 8gb ram at 3200mhz ,a 1650 ti and a m.2 nvme ssd. So as far as I know base clock is the base frequency of the processor which is 3.0 ghz for the r5 4600h and it can boost to 4.0ghz.. and boost clock as far as I know is the frequency a single core can boost to.. So intel with the tiger lake processors claim they have a "all core boost clock" Which confused me.. So does the r5 4600h have a all core boo
  7. Need a laptop for the best price to performance ratio.. Budget 700 usd need to run kerbal space program at full hd, auto desk software, simulations like universe sandbox. Any suggestions welcome shortlisted till now ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT 15.6" FHD 120Hz Laptop GTX 1650 4GB Graphics (Ryzen 5-3550H/8GB RAM/1TB HDD + 256GB PCIe SSD/Windows 10/Stealth Black/2.20 Kg), FX505DT-AL202T
  8. Okay so I'll look it up... I'm quite confused on the software to use... As far as I know there's Cpu z 3d mark Firestrike And a bunch of other software So which in my case would be most suitable? Any other suggestions are welcome.
  9. Cool Thanks. Any tips on how to benchmark my setup (what software) and how to interpret those readings? I understand that the 1050 ti can only get low frame rates.
  10. also pls tell me if there is bottle neck with my current set up
  11. what about the mother board?? shouldnt i get a new one?
  12. So i have a pc with a old mother board. So i was wondering whether you guys can help check whether 1) My current setup has any bottle necks.....and 2) what is the best way to bench mark it? Setup: Mother board : Intel dh61bf Ram : 16 gb ddr 3 corsair vengeance (8x2) Gpu: I know its quite crappy? but its a 1050 ti oc edition by zotac(due to region and budget) psu: Corsair vs 450 processor: i5 3340 3.1 ghz quad core. and if i was to get a new gpu say a 2060 super.... which processor should i upgrade to?? my board supports the i7 3770
  13. never mind i dual booted windows 7 on my laptop. Works fine on that. And also quite weird if i run crysis installed on windows 7 through windows 10 ( i.e not installed on win 10's drive) it works on windows 10....
  14. Well that"s true but it ran call of duty black ops 2 and crysis 2 without any issues on a previous build of windows 10 in (2015). I even remember playing crysis 3 with some lag.And before the sept. update (windows) it ran crysis 2 without any issues. So i don't think the hardware is the issue. It loads and plays perfectly the first time after a system reset. Subsequently if i quit and open it again it does not launch. The crysis process just disappears after like 3-4 seconds.(on task manager)