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  1. While I've had a day with my new mouse, I already knew what to expect. Based off other people's reviews and by the product's description (and specifications).. The Mouse Is AWESOME It's basically what you expect, very precise, basic form yet balanced by the RGB... uhh yeah this is it; this is the mouse. If you want my recommendation for other mice in the G-Series, I'd go with the G604:
  2. ...is the overwhelming message I'm getting from you guys. But I don't understand all the hate? When I first started looking into computer terminology (:? finding out that I couldn't download ram for starters; I'm reaally new to this!) I felt some anger in posts surrounding the "gsync" question... From what I've read, these monitors are supreme and they're not just better by a margin: they're the beast. Free-Sync monitors are riddled with lag, low quality and the net is ->full<- of fakes that are indistingu
  3. Royal families can have a direct link or none (figure heads).
  4. Ahh that explains it... so you're saying the website isn't accurate. Cool .. I don't know. ahhh just more of a welcoming message rather than a legitimate question (just saying "hi"). The picture is non related.
  5. I'm new to all of this.. I just bought a gaming laptop (I travel) so I decided to learn a little bit about this kind of stuff. Anyway, why are the frame rates better for Minecraft with the RTX2070 over the 2080Ti (userbenchmark)? Just tech-curious