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  1. It most definitely could be Ryzen. Thanks for the help!
  2. Not sure how normal this is. When I'm gaming, my PC is usually pretty quiet actually, unless the GPU really needs heating. When my PC is idle, it seems like it's louder. The fans, specifically. I believe my case fans are the noisy ones, which are the stock H500 fans. I think they've been known to be quite noisy and aren't "smart fans" but it strikes me as odd that my PC would be quieter while gaming. Any reason why? Does this make sense?
  3. I actually heard the sound slightly again, so I turned off my GPU fans. Apparently, that made it go away, although it was might quieter. I only set a fan curve for the fans recently, but they were usually on 0 RPM until it hit around 60 degrees. Now I have them on all the time, albeit at low power. It might be them
  4. Hmm, well I did unplug my case fans and the sound continued, but I didn't touch my radiator fans. Could be those, I suppose?
  5. I'm not sure why, but recently my 1 year old custom PC started buzzing. It just happens randomly, and it's been around 3-4 times in the past 2 weeks. The first time it happened, I unplugged my case fans and turned on the PC and it still happened. I can say that my case has very good cable management so the cables aren't hitting the fans or anything. If I nudge my PC case slightly, it'll go away completely. I really can't isolate the issue. Is this concerning? I haven't noticed any performance hits or anything. Or could it just be vibration?
  6. I don't know if this is an issue or not. When playing WoW, I notice my GPU usage is very low (anywhere from 1-5%). After some research I tried switching to DX11, and lo and behold my task manager is reporting the GPU usage in much, much higher percentages. Switching between the two doesn't affect performance - in fact, the game runs very well. In some areas I can get 144 FPS on max settings (2070 Super). So, why does my task manager report GPU usage this way in DX12, and is it anything to worry about?
  7. Acoustics seem to be good - I have closed back headphones so I can't hear anything unless I really focus. So that's good. It also seems to be cooler than my old curve. I ran MHW at max settings with 144 FPS and the temperature was 62 max.
  8. After some deliberation I decided to just suck it up and do a fan curve. My fans kept turning off and on by themselves as it hit the threshold, so I decided to have them running all the time. this is a modified version of the “stealth” curve in EVGA’s precision. It’s quiet when it needs to be but ramps up when it gets hot. Thoughts? I’m pretty happy with it.
  9. So it’s nothing to concern myself with, then? I guess it sounds better than fans going continuously (Although they do that normally.)
  10. I started playing a new game and HWINFO shows my EVGA 2070 Super’s fans turning on and off. This is by design, of course, as the fans turn off when needed. I’m just wondering if it’s bad if they turn on and off. I don’t have a problem with the sound since I notice it but I don’t want it to wear the fans. I’d rather not mess with fan curves either for just one game as well. is this causing stress on the fans or is it fine?
  11. Ignore Reddit is often good advice, haha. That’s why I go here, at least. I trust y’all above all else!
  12. Thank you for your words of reassurance. I saw that video being shared a lot and I know GN is very respectable, but it has me worried since now it seemed like it was all wrong. I’ve seen a lot of cases with this config, though, so I was just confused.
  13. I can’t tell you the anxiety I have right now. Apparently, as I was browsing Reddit, people were complaining about a dude’s pumps being installed wrong. I have an H100i and this guy had an NZXT cooler, but it seems to be similar to mine. My pumps are upside down or something? I have had this PC for a year and it’s been the same, and the cooling is really good. the fact of the matter is, I am not comfortable moving the pump myself. I’d pay someone to do it because I am not proficient with the PC and I am liable to screwing everything up when I start messing with stuff. Or is it OK?