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  1. Built my current PC about 3 or so years ago and was planning to upgrade it in the next year, but GPU prices killed that plan. Assuming that they won't be coming down anytime soon, I will most likely upgrade in about 2-3 years time. So for me it will be every 5 to 6 years I upgrade.
  2. I really don't understand ethermine's theshold policy. My threshold is currently 0.1eth. It will probably take me about 2 and a bit months to reach that. But apparently in some cases threshold doesn't matter?
  3. Thanks for the help. Set my graphics card to 'compute mode' and over clocked it. Getting 24-31mh/s now
  4. hello, Iam new to mining. I started mining 'ethash' yesterday and once I reach my 0.1 ether threshold on ethermine, it says it will automatically pay it into my account. What account will it pay the money into and how? Do I have to set up a coinbase account? Thanks
  5. Thank you for the reply. My RAM is absolutely pathetic. 2400mhz 12gb (single channel) If i was to upgrade to 16gb would I see a significant improvement?
  6. Ok, so i started mining Ethereum today using my RX 580 8GB NOT OC and my mining rate is constantly 6.85ish. is this normal? And If not, how can I improve it? I'm using lol miner btw Thanks
  7. I have a green label Corsair CX430 that has been powering my PC with a overclocked ryzen 7 and a RX 580 8g for over 3 years now, and has been on for almost 24/7. Never had any issues with this powersupply and I would defo buy Corsair again. Why the hate towards them? they are only a budget offering afterall...
  8. well my gpu seems to be under performing on 3d mark aswell...
  9. would that explain my gpu and cpus usage going all over the place during gaming?
  10. thanks i was wondering if that would be the case. Ive had that PSU since my old fx 8320e system and have been meaning to upgrade for a while. What cheap PSUs do you suggest?
  11. recently i bought a rx 580 8gb powercolor red dragon and after running a cinebench r15 opengl i only got 80fps, where online ive seen people get 120+ fps. Also i ran 3d Mark firestrike and got 4,300 but ive seen people get way more with this card. my specs are: Ryzen 7 1700 12GB DDR4 RAM RX 580 Corsair CX430 PSU 250gb ssd 1tb hdd
  12. hi so iam looking at an rx 590 but it has a 8 pin pcie and a 6 pin. is it okay if i only plug in the 8 pin as my psu only has 1 8 pin? (i dont mind if the gpu is a little slower) thanks
  13. ive fixed it! i just re-seated the ram into different positions and it fixed now. thanks for trying to help though