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  1. 5 minutes ago, Herman Mcpootis said:

    pick up a used X5650 and overclock instead. an RX 480/580 is a good option if you're fine with buying it used.


    3 minutes ago, Bananasplit_00 said:

    you should probably be looking at the xeons instead of the I7s and the 1050TI isnt really a good deal new a used 570 or 580 is a much better deal.


    there are quite a few X58 enthusiasts on the forum as i recall, its a cool platform that still performs well today


    Thanks dudes, will look into that! 

  2. Hi all! New member, thought I’d start a build log of my current PC and keep it running for future upgrades 


    current specs are:


    i7 920 C0 (yeh the crap one) 

    GA-X58 UD3R rev2.0 

    6gb Super Talent RAM

    GTX460 1gb graphics card 

    there’s an SSD but not with the OS on

    Corsair cx650 PSU

    corsair case 

    custom liquid cooling setup 


    my plans for this are actually to stay with 1366 as money is a factor and push what I have to it’s absolute limit before I really need to splash out for something more serious. 


    Ive been looking at i7 975 processors  and maybe a gtx1050ti? 


    Ive been out of the loop for so long I don’t even know what’s current. 


    Thanks all! 

  3. Hi all! 


    New member here from from the UK! 


    Ive recently got back into gaming again after watching the vidyas

    on youtube! 


    Ive still got my trusty old i7 920 C0 (lol) and it’s still a good PC... to me at least! 


    Im planning on upgrades soon as I get £1000 of amazon vouchers from the manufacturer I work on behalf of (vehicle tech) in December. 


    Does anyone one still use 1366? 


    Thanks again! I’ll be sure to do a build log of my old clunker :)