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  1. So I breadboarded the whole thing, like you suggested. Tried all kinds of different variations of RAM, peripherals and GPU in different slots. Everything looks fine, but it just doesn't work. Still the same error. Guess I will send the CPU back for now, since it always stops at CPU LED red before it reboots by itself. Picture is what it looks like. A 07 or maybe D7 and the CPU LED is red for a short moment, then the DRAM LED is red. I didn't screw on the fan for the cpu, but it doesn't change anything if I do or not. Also put the GPU in a different slot. I pro
  2. I cleared CMOS a lot. Doesn't help. Looks like I will have to send back both CPU and RAM... Thank you very much for your help so far.
  3. Now I tried 2 different keyboards and mice in different USB slots. The HDMI cable is connected to the GPU and to the screen. Still nothing. Also I think a D would look a tiny bit different than a 0. It really does look like a 0, which shouldn't even happen with a gigabyte board.
  4. Currently I have a mouse, keyboard and screen to GPU connected. Everything else is pulled out. I also tried without mouse, keyboard and screen. Nothing. What exactly are console input devices? I am using the same keyboard for this pc, so it should work.
  5. Just to be sure, what does a D look like on those debug numbers? Wouldn't it look just like a 0, since there are only those 7 strips a character can be made of?
  6. Build a PC yourself they said, it will be easy the said... it actually was and it worked just fine, though only for 2 days. Then it stopped working and I got a red CPU LED on a x570 MEG ACE. It happened right after I installed some MSI program and after the usual troubleshooting (no spare parts to try stuff though), I was certain it was the board. So I got a new one, but apparently it wasn't the board. Now my current setup looks like this: x570 Aorus Master (before x570 MEG ACE) ryzen 3700x 2x 16gb crucial ballistix sport lt 3200mhz BLS2K16G4D32AESB rtx 207