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  1. Hi! Did you apply thermal paste or liquid metal?
  2. Are you experiencing any throttle with this BIOS? I'm still having some frame drops on some games due to thermal throttle.
  3. Thanks for the comment, could you share your Park Control settings?
  4. Same here when playing Apex. Even on BIOS 300 there's throttle every minute or two, with Ryzen Controller this seems to reduce but it happens anyway. Plastic vents already removed. Don't know what else to try next, but with the new BIOS the throttle issue is significantly reduced
  5. Has anyone else tried this? Been searching the web for some references on the 300 ver. of the BIOS, but couldn't find anything. @Bobbydigital do you have the link with the BIOS changelog? Thanks for your solution btw.
  6. Seems that you have found a real solution to the throttle problem. I can't seem to find the Armoury Crate v.2.5.8, just the v2.5.7, do you have the installer or a link so i can test it out? Thanks EDIT: Found, just can't find the ThrottlingHelperXML file...
  7. Hi Bobbydigital, so it works for you to set STAPM, PPT Slow and PPT Fast on 45 and leaving everything else unchecked?
  8. Hey, did you manage to resolve your issue with the frame drops?

    1. mussifer


      Not really, but solved it temporarily with the ryzen master settings. Ubuntu still has the issue and even more common. What about you?

    2. zZurf


      temporarily fix with ryzen controller but nothing permanent as of yet.

  9. Great work. Gonna try your new Ryzen Controller settings then. When you enable the max temp, is it the only applied setting? or did you keep the PPT Fast and Slow Limits?
  10. Nice. Fans on Windows profile, where on full speed though. Gonna try changing PPT Fast Limit to 15.
  11. Tried your settings today, i can confirm the temps and throttle are reduced significantly, but still happens when on heavy tasks. Tests where made on PUBG LITE with FPS uncapped. And on BIOS 208. Did you find any other tweak to apply on Ryzen Master?
  12. Any updates on this issue? Updating to the latest drivers didn't fix the issue in my case. Gonna change thermal paste next week to try Kryonaut.
  13. Nice. How did it go with the game test? Did you notice any throttle? Gonna try that soon.
  14. As you can see in the comments, repasting seems to fix the problem. Gonna try this week.