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  1. So I did that and booted the PC but my mobo is flashing the CPU light on the side of it, I think I fucked up big time lmao
  2. MSI b450 gaming plus, im hoping if I damaged something it was the mobo bc I'm planning on getting a new one anyway
  3. i have a bios flashback and i used AMD ryzen master to do the OC
  4. idk how to reset bios but i do have a bio flashback button, any tips? im really bad with computer crap other than cable management lmao
  5. So i tried to do overclocking without thinking because im an idiot, and out of nowhere my pc would randomly reboot, so i got rid of the overclock and factory reset everything and wiped my drives and put everything back to normal but now my pc just keeps freezing. i have a r7 1700x and i put it at 1.6 volts i beleive and 2.8 GHz. i just wanted to know how you can tell if you broke your pc or not haha. EDIT: my mobo (msi b450m gaming plus) has the red CPU light blink when it is turned on after clearing CMOS)