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  1. yeah i dont mind an iphone either used to run a 6s before i switched so quite a performance difference but iphones have always been reliable to me haha
  2. yeah my s20+ stops itself from charging if its over 40 degrees celcius, it tends to heat up alot only when charging obviously but i think the charger pumping near 12v into it so i dont blame it haha
  3. if your used to a slow under performing phone then yeah dont worry lol, but if you like having yeah that was quite a good bit of kit, wasnt quite as efficient of a fan as i would have hoped for sadly though
  4. I remember seeing the first LTT video about phone water cooling, I remember thinking to myself "yep that'd definetely work" before the video even started. and was quite suprised by how much or how quickly rather, a phone can over heat and thermal throttle. Fast forward to today and I own a samsung s20+ (128gb android 10) and playing games, running discord and even editing video caused the phone to get incredibly hot. Almost hot enough to be concidered uncomfortable, so I grabbed a fairly large chipset heatsink off of an old lga775 motherboard. adding a 12v 40mm fan, some thermal pads, bit of s
  5. Was looking at this Xbox One S Motherboard and have been noticing the many missing components?? I heard there’s two cores disabled inside the apu but there’s an array of components that look interesting, Also I don’t know what these little bits of exposed solder is supposedly to have on it but I had a weird thought of maybe it’s a way to overclock or adjust/control the “V_GFXCORE and V_CPUCORE” and it seems like there might have been a port or connector/s that aren’t present..? ANYONE GOT ANY IDEAS?!
  6. Yeah those would probably keep up, and be a bit easier to mount lol. I hope they actually do try it but hell there’s that many posts round here it will probably never get seen haha
  7. True true, only reason I was curiously was because those petty 12v silent fans compared to a 120-240v fan I’d expect them to do a bit better haha?
  8. I’ve had a random thought buzzing around in my head so I decided to quickly sketch it up on notes. Remember those huge blowers from the video where Linus attached two to the front of a pc case. Well how about you use one of them with many radiators, would it perform better than The Whole Room Water Cooling Project “window rad thing”. Who reckons that’d be a good video?