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  1. Okay, so anyone able to help with a Discord issue? After the Direct Message/Discord Outage Yesterday Search has been broken for me on all ways to use Discord even on different accounts It just gives me The image I attached to this And the r/Discord subreddit removed my post and everyone just went "huh" Anyone know anything about this? This is happening in both Direct Messages, and Servers/Channels.
  2. Well, all their Black Drives, especially the 2TB Model are over 100
  3. Yeah, although I have looked and "apparently" The Toshiba is reliable, but wanted to ask a forum like this one
  4. So, does that mean it's reliable? Or does it mean it's fast
  5. Does anyone have sub-100$ recommendations for a Hard Drive? I've read reviews about Seagate's Barracuda drives as of late and it seems they die/go bad about a year after purchase. RN I'm thinking between the FireCuda 2TB (The 3.5in 7200rpm version), and the Toshiba X300 4TB. Does anyone know how reliable/long term viable those drives are and if the Hybrid-Drive nature of the FireCuda is worth the 2TB loss for a similar price? For note, I my current system is Ryzen 5 3600 GTX 1070 (Will Replace with a 2070 Super by/around Black Friday) 16 GB RAM
  6. Well, the old SSD is in there, but it wont let me format it, as it has my old Windows install on it from my old PC
  7. Problem is, which SATA Ports, also, could there be compatibility issues on the Cables? The Motherboard came with some, but we decided to use the old ones from my old PC.
  8. Well, my father built it, and he has experience with PC Building, he used to work in PC Building shops before working as a Video Game Developer. Also, I already installed windows on the M.2, and the HDD was a storage Drive in the Old PC, the SSD Was the main drive
  9. So, me and My father just built me a new computer for my 18th birthday coming Thursday, and, as the title states, we used a new drive as the main Windows Drive (a 512 GB M.2 SSD), and we threw the SSD and Hard Drive from my old computer into it as well, to wipe them and then use them as extra storage. (a 128 GB older Samsung Pro SSD, and a 2TB Seagate 7200rpm HDD from before they did the green color re-brand thing). However, both drives aren't showing up on the new PC, neither in the UEFI or Windows itself, and the strangest thing is that we used the same SATA Cables from the old