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  1. there is a lot of blaming on the wrong parties going on here im sure the girl did not mean for the picture to get on fb but she shouldn't be blaming fb for that and if she was blackmailed into sending a nude (not familiar with laws in Ireland) wouldn't that her a victim of a sex crime and shouldn't the guy her blacked mailed her me charge for it
  2. me too probably a wire jared jared loose or a loose connection somewhere
  3. the nyc library will start lending free wifi personal hotspot for low income people to use. https://blog.yourkarma.com/nyc-library-will-lend-free-hotspots
  4. thank you for giving us a hour and a half show every Friday no matter what the tenichal difficulty
  5. I would love to have the z2 because I don't have a phone and it has everything I want
  6. I like everything about it cpu ,screen, and gpu to the backlighted keyboard