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  1. Looking to buils a cheap pc, should i stick to 3000g or stretch up tp 3200g? Price in my region: 3000g : 64.30 USD 3200g : 116.30 USD Is it worth the price difference ?
  2. From INDIA, i was looking a good alternative to this board. Will put 3100/3300x/3600 on this.(no crazy overclocking)
  3. Need a b450m mobo around the price of GIGABYTE B450M DS3H, any sugestions.
  4. Going to buy a mobo around this price, is there any better alternatives around this price point?
  5. Amd will soon release b550 chipset , i was waiting to build a system with b550 board , any idea by which month these boards hit selves ?
  6. I am building a new Amd build with ryzen 3600 for myself and i plan to overclock it ( also ram overclock ) , before i go ahead buy something , i need to look at some guides that can help me choose right components so i can get most out of my system . Where can i get an overclocking guide of a complete noob .
  7. Last one was 90w , wont 65w cause any problems ?
  8. I Have a pavilion g6 , which i was using for some time , recently its charger died so i was going to buy a new one . Its label is pretty much damaged so i cant read the voltage/watt . I remember it to be 90w when i bought it but not sure about the voltage 19v or 19.5v . Can Someone look at the label and tell me .
  9. Have HP laptop with AMD radeon 7670m gpu , laptop display resolution is 1366x768p , 1440p youtube playback has no problem , 4k youtube stutters . Since i broke laptop screen , i will be using laptops HDMI output to connect it with external monitor , only use for internet surfing/youtube . Should i buy 1440p monitor ?
  10. Sapphire 5700 pulse 510 usd Sapphire 5700 XT pulse 580 usd I am not from us cards are always overpriced in my country
  11. Want to play some old dx 7/8 games , how can i run them on win 10 with latest gpus , current gpus support dx 9-12 , dx8 game had audio/video out of sync n running too fast problem with win 10 . Is there a fix or will i not get to play them .
  12. I am getting Asus Rog strix rtx 2060 advanced for usd 400 in my country Strix 1660 ti is available for 430 usd Strix 2060super for 600 usd So is it a good deal
  13. How good are Asus Strix Rog cards ( triple fan ) compared to simple one with 2 fan