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  1. already sold 326,all the comments are positive
  2. I just can not believe it! This freaking “IC谷星X34D5K” monitor have “5120*2160+HDR600+free sync+nano IPS+98%DCI P3+10bit” with LG 340RW1. Only costs $600? Half price of LG 34WK95U ? Must have be something fishy behind this. Hope that someday linus gonna test this.
  3. so it's only be able to use on cooking steaks,water bath?
  4. So could we just find some way to make this idea come true?for the temperature, maybe we could use some fan to cooldown the water,and for the living trash,compose many kinds of filter may handle it,or not?
  5. while raising fishes we should also consider about these kind of situation,so,use some filters to filt the water may solve those problems too
  6. I've been thinking for several years about ,why don't we just compose water tank and fish tank together,so that we could raise some tropical fish in the water tank of a water cooling computer,with some rbg lights,it may could be the coolest in the world