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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from Duckster in Looking for some GPU options.... my R9 290 is getting old   
    @Duckster The scalper market is getting over saturated and probably going to crash spectacularly after Christmas. Apparently Xbox Series consoles are already only scalping a couple hundred over retail, and there's something like another 5 million PS5's coming in the next month or so. I'm also starting to see Ryzen 5800X chips stay in stock at my local retailers. Add to that the 6700 cards, 6900 cards, the 3060 cards, and the continuing flow of 6800 and 3080/3090 cards, there's just not enough cash to corner all those markets for much longer. 
    On cards, I'd also look at used 1080 Ti's and 2080 Ti's. The 1080 Ti is still an excellent card for 1080p gaming, and has been dropping in price steadily as people swap out theirs for 3080's. I'd guess they'll end up in the $300 range once 30 and 6000 series cards start coming out in force. 
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    Harry Voyager reacted to EpicEric in How My First Build Changed My Life   
    I am 14 years old. Since last winter, I've wanted a gaming PC. Because of COVID-19, I had online school and I was able to have more free time, which I used to start a small yard work business. My first job was on May 5th. Around this time, I started planning the first version my parts list, which included a 9700K and a 2080 Super. Business grew, and by summer, I was making over CAD$1000 per month.
    Here is what my equipment looked like. This picture was taken in July.

    By mid-August, I had nearly enough money to buy the parts, and an updated parts list, including a new 10700K. I didn't think I would actually end up with it, but I persevered. A few weeks later, I finally bought the parts. I was able to snatch the last 10700K at my local Canada Computers store.
    My original build can be found here:
    Additionally, here are a few more pictures of this.

    I greatly enjoyed gaming on this system, and I felt very proud of my efforts. The story doesn't end here, however. Around the beginning of September, Nvidia announced the upcoming RTX 3000 cards. I wanted the 3080, and I was still able to return my 2080 Super to the store. (Slight coil whine that didn't really bother me allowed me to return it if I wanted to.) I decided to return the card and temporarily get a GTX 1650 Super, which I didn't actually end up using, and ended up returning unopened.
    Around this time, I was starting to look for my first job. Given my interest in computers, I applied at a local computer shop that specializes in IT. I won't mention the name of it, because it is rather small and local. A week later, I was hired for part-time work after school. I am so happy to be able to do something that I am passionate about and that I enjoy doing.
    I was also able to build free computers from hardware destined to be recycled. Since my gaming rig didn't have a graphics card, I used a free PC that I built from there for that time period. It has an i5 3570, a GT630, and 16GB of ram.
    On September 17, at the exact moment that Canada Computers opened that day, I immediately backordered the Tuf Gaming 3080 OC. I chose this card because I think it looks great, and I heard good things about it from people who got it early. I was the 2nd person in line for this specific card. On October 2nd, I was notified that a small shipment of Tuf Gaming 3080 OC's arrived. I got the card the next day. I immediately unboxed and installed it. Here are a few pictures of it.

    After I got the 3080, things started to settle. I was extremely happy. At work, things got better. I fit in perfectly, and I was very proud to be there. I biked to work every day after the online portion of my school. As the weeks went on, I found myself thinking about how my PC probably changed the course of my life. I probably wouldn't have considered working there, or working at all, if it wasn't for this. I'm extremely grateful for where it has taken me, the things I've experienced, and the people I have met along the way.

    Thanks to all for reading this. I thought it would be nice to post this here since I was heavily inspired by @LinusTech and his team. Linus, thank you so very much for inspiring me to do this. I'm extremely proud of where I am, and I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am now without you guys.
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from BTGbullseye in was $1200 , now $700 strategy works?   
    @Sir Beregond The 3090 is an RTX Titan replacement, not a 2080 Ti Replacement. 
    I'm not even sure it's correct to say the 3080 is the 2080 stock replacement either, given nVidia is using a much larger part of the die than they did on prior 80 series cards.
    In fact, I'm not really seeing how nVidia could fit a 3080 Ti card into the line up right now, given that the 30 series seems to be right at its clock limits, and current rumors are that the extra cores in the 3090 don't do much for gaming. 
    The expected 20Gb versions may show up for marketing reasons, but I would expect it to be mostly just more expensive than the 3080, with no real performance difference for years down the road, and likely to eat into their 3090 sales for the applications that really need the memory. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from BTGbullseye in I'm buying a 3090, and this is my logic   
    Apparently initial testing seems to be showing that, for DCS the 3080 shows minimal to no improvement over the 1080 TI right now. It sounds like it is purely CPU single thread performance bound right now, and will likely remain so until they finish refactoring the engine into Vulkan, which is a huge bummer for me.
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from Eschew in Filco keyboard repair?   
    @kelvinhall05 After opening it up, it looks like that's sort of what happened. This CCA, that hte UCB cable runs into was apparently either only friction fit in, or, after a number of prior drops had become only friction fit in.

    After pressing it back into the receptacle, it works now. I am now happy. Of all the things on my computer I've been looking at replacing, this was not one of them...
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in Filco keyboard repair?   
    @kelvinhall05 After opening it up, it looks like that's sort of what happened. This CCA, that hte UCB cable runs into was apparently either only friction fit in, or, after a number of prior drops had become only friction fit in.

    After pressing it back into the receptacle, it works now. I am now happy. Of all the things on my computer I've been looking at replacing, this was not one of them...
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from KENZY9 in Best way to clean pc?   
    So what works well for humid areas? Near the coasts the dust gets positively sticky and does not usually come off with blowing. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from RMerlin in Good WiFi 6 router?   
    @RMerlin Just to follow up, we did end up getting the RT-AX3000 you'd recommended, and it went in good. I was initially a bit worried by reports that it had shorter range, but it has at least asuch range as the unit that was in there before, and now we're getting ~450mbps+ on all of the devices very hooked onto it so far. 
    Thank you very much. Its looking like it's going to be a very nice upgrade. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from Ben17 in Warning to Asus X570 owners, AGESA has almost killed my PC!!!   
    @BabaGanucheAnd the cards I'm having trouble with are a 1 by 1.0 PCIe sound card from 2014, and an old USB 2.0 hub card. 
    My 3D card is a PCIe 3.0 card, so newer than those. 
    I'm definitely wondering if it introduced a backwards compatibility issue. I wonder if we can catalog the various cards that the systems fail to boot with an get them pointed towards a fix? The onboard HD Audio is nice, but the Xonar is better. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from gloop in Since Zen3 is still on AM4 but the not backward compatible with older chipsets   
    It will be compatible with X570 motherboards too, so if you have an X570 it should be worth it. 
    It will also depend on how Zen 3 performs relative to Zen 2, Comet Lake and Rocket Lake. 
    Also, the issue appears to be that not all 4 series motherboards actually have enough bios memory to run Zen 3, rather than a strick technical limitation; they don't want the press disaster chaos zone that would result from saying thay, say, the MSI B450 Tomahawk can't run it but the B450 Max can, but we could see cases where MB makers find a way to implement it anyways as a *Completely Unsupported Never Do This (wink wink)* thing. 
    Basically, it could happen but AMD needs to restrict it to Crazy Hacker Voodoo Land rather than risk getting a front page spread in the New York Times about how Joe Blow got completely screwed by AMDs horrible compatibility problems.
    "Today on 60 Minutes, Joe Average bought a B450 Motherboard to use with his brand new Ryzen 4950, but did AMD rip him off in the Fine Print? Today a dozen talking heads with no idea how to turn on a computer discuss the intricacies of Ryzen compatibility! (Don't miss our segment on why AMD mislead on compatibility with the I9-10100KF". 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from Haro in Motherboard powercycles after installing new WiFi card.   
    If that does not work, you might considered updating your bios. I've had issues with some PCIe 2.0 cards in my X570 motherboard, but it depended on which version of the BIOS I had installed. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from dalekphalm in Is buying an xbox 1 worth it still   
    To reinforce that, Microsoft has specifically stated that they're planning on all Xbox games for the next few years, at least, to support both the new Xbox and the Xbox One.
    They are essentially handling the Xbox One as entry level to the Xbox ecosystem, and looking to grow the ecosystem rather than moving everyone to the Series X. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from Taf the Ghost in LTT got 10m subscribers (finally)!   
    @Mister WoofThe thing to look forward to is, in the last few decades, real starvation and real poverty have dropped by something insane like 70% and the trend isn't even slowing down. Despite the daily news (who really need rage to drive click) we are pretty much entering a golden age, and a lot of that is driven by computers and technology amd access to information.
    Even things people are talking about like they're unstoppable end of the world events like global warming are, with the technology, easy to control. You don't need electric cars; just Gen 4 nuclear to power reforesting the Sahara, and Falcon Heavy to put up sun shades, and only when it actually comes to that. 
    Beyond that we're developing mini-facturing like something out of Mass Effect and dozens of other very powerful tech that will make the future better than we can imagine it. 
    Fear and anger sells newspapers, but the world is on the precipice of unbelievable things. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from NotABigGamer in Nice budget Vr headset?   
    I'm going to echo jaslion's recommendation. Occulus has the best combination of ease of use, general design and price point for someone who is new to VR and just starting out. 
    Later, you may want to get into more specialized and expensive headsets (I ended up getting a Reverb, specifically because I play seated VR flight sims) but start with the Occulus. 
    Also, if you are into exploration or space games, No Man's Sky has a fantastic VR implementation now. Very fun and immersive game with it. Yes, it's actually good now. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from tomachas in Cannot remove USB 3.0 header from motherboard   
    So, given that I'm pretty soon going to be sticking a bunch of USB 3.0 headers into my motherboard soon, is there any part of the socket I should file or shave off before I start, so I don't need to repeat the OP's method of removal? 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from TechyBen in Last of Lastpast? Sold to equity firm.   
    Honestly, I tend to use use tiers, and even then, when I wrote down all of my personal use passwords, it was something on the order of five pages long. That's an entirely separate list from the ones I had professionally too. 
    There, some of those have reached the point where I don't actually memorize them, I just go through the entire password recovery process any time I actually need to access the thing. 
    And don't even get me started on the number of five digit door combinations. Did you know if you pull a random selection of numbers there's much larger than you would expect chance that you will draw the same number twice. I believe it's called the Birthday Problem, and, if I recall correctly is why Eve Online ended up having to refactor their code base in order to add German to the supported langauges. Bugs are weird... 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from Mister Woof in Any hope for intel 2020?   
    Very much yes. And as high core count CPUs have gone mainstream, we're starting to see more and more developers implement multi-threading.
    In my primary game, Il-2, the dev team finally broke out building rendering into a separate thread, so now you can see for absolutely miles without taking a serious performance hit. Ram takes a bit of a beating (20Gb charge on high), but RAM's cheap amyways. I'm hoping with the new AI programmer they're able to streamline and parallelize the AI enough that we could do missions with hundreds of active aircraft. I don't know that they'll go as far as being able to do the Scheinfurt-Regensburg raids or Black Thursday but big there were a lot of very large engagements, that we really just need the CPU power to run in all their insanity. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from Mira Yurizaki in Help solve global warming with v-sync/g-sync/freesync   
    Better solution to climate change is to go nuclear. That way you don't require coal, and have enough power generation to do things like water the Sahara, with will do far more for both biodiversity and carbon capture than saving power will. 
    Gen 4 is shaping up to be rather impresive, being both considerably safer that Gen 2&3 plants, more compact, and pushes us further down the fuel chain*. 
    On the vsync/gsync thing, it would be worth while to better educate people on the capabilities of their hardware. When you're getting 200fps on a 60hz monitor, it's time to turn up the graphics. My monitors are 60hz IPS displays that do very nice color, and it hadn't occurred to me until recently that I could combine them into one triple wide display. It's very nice for my non-VR games. Granted in Il-2 GB, I'm still getting lows of 37 in VR with the render distance set to Ultra, but that ability to see for miles is so worth it! I'm probably going to get a new 3D card once the next generation is here to see if I can't get the frame rates higher or add more pixels to the mix. 
    *Every element heavier than Iron can yield energy from fission. The issue is developing effective reactors for it. Some gen 4 designs work on thorium, and other can process fuel prior generations considered spent. Currently there is enough uranium of all the types that there's been little need to develop a reactor that can burn depleted uranium. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from William23r in Which CPU?   
    So what I've heard is, for gaming on a minimum budget right now, get a Ryzen 2600 and a used RX 480. With the professional miners unloading their computer machines, 8Gb 580's are on the market for $100, it offers significantly more performance than you're going to get from any APU, and can game reasonably well at 1080p
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    Harry Voyager reacted to Otto_iii in How latency works exactly in games?   
    I see now you were talking about network latency, in that case usually the peeker has the advantage, and the observer has the disadvantage, so if possible its good to work this into your playstyle where possible.  There are a lot of videos about this, any youtube search with "peekers advantage" will show you some examples. 

    That said i somehow read your title as "How Low Latency Works...", discussing about monitor input latency, somehow, because im tired and bored and wrote all this, and im too lazy to delet it now ?

    Semi-offtopic ramble

    #1. Low Latency (Both AMD and Nvidea) is designed to reduce latency In situations where games utilize 97% or higher of your GPU.  This is almost NEVER a issue with CSGO (maybe on some very old systems), but is with many more demanding games like fortnite, battlefield, pubg, even overwatch etc.  If you lock the frame-rate to whatever will utilize less then 97% utilization (ideally with ingame methods, not RTSS), you get a 30-50ms latency reduction whether you use "Low Latency" or not.  Turning "Low Latency" on can still help if you are using 97-100% GPU briefly, say a smoke grenade goes off etc and you dip below your cap, and in a few games still helps a tiny bit if already set below 97% utilization, but the biggest gains are had by simply running the highest frames you can without exceeding about 97% GPU utilization.

    #2: If you are using free-sync or g-sync, ALWAYS lock the frame-rates about 10% below (it depends how well said game maintains that cap without exceeding it, 10% is usual safe margin) max rated speed for freesync/gysnc monitor, you get a massive 50ms latency penalty while moving in and out of f/g-sync range.  Worst case situation is locking a game to 75hz on 75hz monitor, 120 on 120hz monitor, or 144hz on a 144hz f/g-sync monitor as it will constantly be moving in and out of f/g-sync, incurring 50ms lag spikes...

    Alternatively don't use G-sync or Free-sync if you can simply maintain minimums above your monitors refresh rates, but for games besides CSGO, Rocket League, that may require some extremely expensive hardware for 144hz+ monitors, if possible at all in certain games. 

    this is a TLDR of video below.

    Hope that helps even if it wasn't something you were asking. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from dalekphalm in New Star Wars   
    We should expect the customization to be relatively limited. The story in this one is supposed to be part of the cannon of the revised universe so he can't be too unique for each player.
    I'd expect it would be more effective for the devs to make him into a Swiss Army Knife who can eventually do a lot of everything and knows a ridiculous number of styles and techniques, which he switches around as the engagement or mood demands.
    He already uses his lightsaber in multiple modes, and there are situations where you may want to use one or the other. And while I am mostly combat focused, force pushing the Purge Trooper off the ledge while he's gloating is both hilarious and satisfying. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from Zando Bob in Hype mode engaged: MSFS 2020   
    @Zando Bob So I'd seemed to recall in one of the developer interviews them mentioning that they were developing it first for PC, but after digging around on the Xbox websote, apparently they are advertising it as an XBox One title. I'm still very skeptical that this would run well on Xbox One hardware, but apparently Marketing thinks it will, so we'll see. I just hope if they do, it is not a gutted version of it to wedge it onto borderline obsolete hardware. 
    That said, I'm also seeing the Project Scarlet launch titles being advertised as Xbox One titles as well, so I find myself wondering if the release version of Project Scarlette will also be branded as an Xbox One? Have they actually announced what Scarlette is going to be commercially called? I wouldn't expect them to reuse the Xbox One name for it. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from Sorenson in i9700K or 3800X   
    They would likely benefit most from being multithreaded, however the major ones are written on engines that are generally a decade old, and are *very* CPU hungry due to flight mechanics and AI computations. Il-2 is a derivative of the Rise of Flight engine from the early 2000's. Likewise DCS is a direct derivative of the 2001 LO:MAC engine. P3D, while they've been splitting out threads is still based on the FSX engine. Il-2 only just added effectively two thread multi-threading in the last month. DCS is talking about going multi-threaded once they've migrated the platform to Vulkan.
    On the gripping hand, Flight sims are one area where Ryzen's in game single thread performance seems to match Intel's. Il-2. in particular, tracks passmark single thread performance almost exactly until you hit GPU limits.
    I am hoping the MSFS 2020 crew are building a multi-threaded engine. With the number of aerodynamic surfaces each plane has and everything else that has to go into it, a good multi-threaded implementation would go a very long way to making it accessible to people in the current mid-range to even console market. I do think we've passed diminishing returns on single thread CPU performance some time ago, and that the next likely performance improvement is going to be in multi threading. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from Paul Rudd in Hype mode engaged: MSFS 2020   
    Il-2 1946 for WWII combat sims. If you look around for the dynamic campaign packs, you can pretty much fly anywhere on any side during the war. 
    Rise of Flight for WWI is good, but don't know how the requirements have evolved. 
    For civilian flight sims, you can still get MSFS Flight Sim X: Steam Edition, and it may run, depending on the laptop. Graphics are rather dated though. 
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    Harry Voyager got a reaction from Zando Bob in Hype mode engaged: MSFS 2020   
    @Zando BobVery interesting. I'd be very skeptical of whether it could run well on Xbox One hardware, but I am seeing bits that Project Scarlette is targeting end on 2020, and I seem to recall from earlier developer interviews that they were expecting to release the PC version first, and if they do an XBox one, that would come later. I could see them doing a 1st or 2nd quarter PC release, and then following up with a holiday season release on Scarlette. I'll have to listen to more recent interviews to see if they say anything about it. 
    @Intransigent MS Flight was a PC only Xbox Live title, so it's not unprecedented. Microsoft has rebranded all the games they've done under the XBox label. Does Microsoft even have a separate game label for PC only games? Further, are there any other MS titles that are dependent on streaming data at all? I suspect, in part, this is intended as a demonstrator of Project Azure. There are a lot of moving parts here that just may not fit in an XBox One, even if it's using that branding.