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  1. So this only happens in search or after I've searched. I have tried resetting the cache and it did it as well as a rollback on updates and a few other command line things. Help. I don't wanna wake up to this every morning.
  2. Windows will freeze every 3 or 4 hours roughly when it’s on (me using it)and I can’t open anything even task manager i got the psu last about a year and a half ago and has a 5 year warranty Also it has started crashing as it was before but a bit less frequent so like every 2 hours also it has started crashing on other games such as modern warfare. if you didn’t know modern warfare has a reputation for instability, texture issues and refusing to start. This has happened loads with me and I have probably reinstalled it 30 or so times because there is NO fix that will work. I hav
  3. Only on these two games now However windows has started freezing randomly as well every 4+ hours I have not yet tried snappy and will now Crystal disk said the bigger ssd windows is on is at 100% health and the older 970 evo is at 98% health Also for notes I have 400gb free on bigger ssd out of 1800gb and the other has 50gb out of 450gb
  4. Right I've done individual memory tests and nothing came up And I let it run for a few days and it hasn't crashed yet Until now I guess I'm back here for any ideas
  5. I'll try all this Also somebody sent me this: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/client-management/troubleshoot-event-id-41-restart This indicates I have scenario 3 which in my case is a hardware problem But what do you think as i have sent the event viewer pages
  6. I have keyboard mouse mousepad headset that’s it
  7. I’ve tested them together with memtest 86 and no errors
  8. Another note is that if im talking to my friends on discord they can hear me when the screen goes black as audio still plays sometimes for 4 or 5 seconds but then it cuts out
  9. Ok so it crashed This is the file log help.CSV
  10. WOW It hasn't crashed yet Im not gonna be fooled by this though
  11. Its logging and occt didnt do much everytrhing was normal
  12. I can no longer stably start my game It crashes and if it does lauch it does it very slow
  13. I'll try it But im sure that file is just controls though
  14. Please ask me anything about it, This is a right pain in the arse cus it crashes like every 5 mins