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  1. Agreed. Its worth considering as part of a balanced assessment, but they take it WAY too far.
  2. Which is why I offered to quote ALL OF MY PAST SUGGESTIONS. It's almost like I could predict what your response was going to be. Yet you still wrote it. As suggestions are often opinions, this criticism is irrelevant. Could you be more specific? Exactly what is a "bold faced lie" in your mind? And if you are aware of my past input, then why did you incorrectly state just a few posts before that such posts were never made? In fact, you just alluded to a couple examples in the form of the questionable categorization and criteria appli
  3. You never listened to the criticisms to begin with. How is this any different than before? I think you are confusing me with one of the many others who criticized the list. I never called you a liar and I don't recall calling your work BS either.
  4. We don't even have to leave tonight's post to put that claim to rest. Four hours ago, in the thread titled "Rosewill PHOTON 50W vs Corsair RM650x PSU?" I wrote: "The tier lists in this forum are a hot mess and barely worth considering. The Corsair RMx should be at least a tier up and has a solid advantage over the Photon." There you go. An example of a clear and actionable information that will be ignored like all the others. I didn't even have to leave this evenings posts to prove you wrong. And Fasauceome, you posted in that thread. I have a lot more
  5. I contribute ideas all the time. So do most of the other critics. They are simply ignored. Which especially shocking when you consider how knowledgeable some of the critics are.
  6. Given the number of really solid to great PSU's that end up in Tier D, it wouldn't shock me at all if he was right. The list in its current form is a joke.
  7. The tier lists in this forum are a hot mess and barely worth considering. The Corsair RMx should be at least a tier up and has a solid advantage over the Photon. That said, I agree with Fasauceome that the Photon is a great value at that price point.
  8. That is true. At least there isn't much garbage in the upper tiers. Hard to make a recommendation without knowing his location. Pricing varies so much from country to country. I guess I will ask. May I ask where you are located? Do have any preferred web sites you like to purchase from?
  9. A fair point. That sort of thing is always possible, even with newer units. That particular card can push 300 watts. It's not exactly a lightweight. I just know that I see a lot of issues with them that are finally resolved with new PSU's. It's a good card, but I am wary of it if you aren't sporting a meaty PSU. Remember, a little more wattage can help with big transient spikes too. It's not strictly about sustained load. Just don't downgrade quality for wattage. That would be a mistake. Good point about it possibly being modified. S12II based XFX unit
  10. Have you? There have been links to 3 or 4 reviews of S12II and S12II based units posted here in the last two months, including at least one by you. None of them have displayed the behavior you describe. I could post more if I really wanted to, but your the guy doing the PSU tier list, remember? This is one you should be able to figure out on your own. Especially given that the S12II is one of the most reviewed units of all time.
  11. This is actually a really good suggestion. I have seen a GPU undervolt solve a few of these types of issues.
  12. Yes. GoldenLag isn't totally wrong when he says a good 550 would probably work too, BUT I have seen that particular card cause a lot of psu issues. In your case, it has already done so once. I think the safest thing to do in that instance is to make sure you get a high end PSU and up the wattage a bit. Don't break the bank doing it, but its $20 more to get an RM650x instead of the 550x.
  13. If age is the issue then why did the cx600 not have issues? Its a double forward, group regulated unit too. Its not out of the question, but my sense it that there is something more at work here. ANY config? How about a Radeon R9 295X2 and an FX 9000 series cpu?