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  1. Just ordered a ryzen 5 3600 hp omen machine with a gtx 1660 super. Hopefully it’s a better machine
  2. I found a optiplex 790 at the restore for $15. Its the ultra small form factor model. Has a corei7 and intel hd 2000 graphics that cant be upgraded... I am looking for a front end for retroarch that would boot up and allow me to use me xbox 360 controller to navigate. Is there such a thing? Also with that graphics could the machine do dreamcast and gamecube stuff?
  3. Would a ryzen 5 3600 be any better? We been debating keeping the machine and using it till it’s completely useless then upgrading or upgrading now. This has been an extreme budget build for me. I built it in early 2019 for about 280 bucks. Most of that was the case. I think i might follow antitrust’s suggestion and upgrade the gpu to a rx570. That might carry me to early 2022
  4. My system has a gtx 950, e3-1220 v3, Patriot Viper 3 Series, Black Mamba, DDR3 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600MHz Dual Channel, GA-B85M-D3V motherboard, 1tb Ssd from Samsung and a 2tb Sata drive. I am able to toss about $200 at it but nothing more as this is my twitch machine any suggestions?
  5. I just found a 650 watt delta psu from a Lenovo machine. Hopefully that will be a good upgrade
  6. I have no idea what to do with it. I wonder if I could trade it for a gpu or something
  7. I hobbled together a pc from used parts I grabbed on Craigslist. I spent about 100 and have a pc with a haswell based pentium, 8gb of ram and a gtx275. Money is an issue for me. I haven’t run anything that has bottle necked the cpu but the gpu sucks. I have 80-100 to spend on upgrades what should I get?
  8. Hi guys. First time poster, but big fan of the channel. I am addicted to all things tech but that doesn’t mean I know much about it. I went to our local restore and found something that I thought was a blade server but it is not. Was $2 so I bought it. It’s a blueish green box that says Cisco systems CISCO 3700 series. The front has leds for pwr, sys/rps and act. The back side has 4 100mb Ethernet ports a serial port and what I think is a compact flash port. What is it? What can I do with it? Will it run Linux?