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  1. I would just factory reset Windows 10, just to be sure. Download Windows 10 image from Microsoft if you have a 8gb usb stick. Or you can find the reset function when searching in windows.
  2. Decent case to build in with a lot of space. However it does have a lot of sharp edges.
  3. Well, i ended up removing my 2 drawers on my TV "table" i used to store old motherboards boxes and other junk. That made be able to jump up one size, so i went for this case. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/jonsbo-g3-silver-black-home-theater-pc-case-ca-00b-jb.html
  4. Well, i have looked at them as an last option. However they don't look as sleak in design as the silverstone.
  5. Hello I've got some spare parts laying around. Asus b360 gaming (mATX), a 500w psu, gtx 1050, some random memory and a I5 9400F. I had a idea in my head of building some sort of a HTPC which i also can use to play some old nintendo and wii games through a emulator. But finding the right case for me was a lot harder than expected. I want something close to this https://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=395&area=en. The silverstone one was pretty perfect, outer dimensions was also nice but it only supports low profile expansion cards -.-. Could it be possible to modify the case with a
  6. I might have a solution. A friend of mine has a 3d printer..might try to print something. Found a couple of IO's on thingverse
  7. I thought most of the layout should be the same on these easy, cheap boards..most likely the same factory that produces them.
  8. Well i thought most of the oem board has the same IO. USB port, ethernet, jack and HDMI is Pretty standard on most of the oem boards. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003TZQK34/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=pctechhustle-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B003TZQK34&linkId=b01a0df7dac769e3dc0c58d2f69d1a1f
  9. Hello i recently picked up a asus oem main board for very cheap. It came without IO shield. Is it possible to buy some sort of universal io shield from china? Kinda messing with ny OCD to not have a IO shield.
  10. Well, there is a long time since i have used nvflash. But i am unable to flash the card. When trying to launch nvflash64.exe in CMD its not letting me type anything. Can someone provide me with an older nvflash maybe? Please see attached pictures. Also i changed the thermal paste, but its still crashing in furmark after a few secounds.
  11. Thank you had a feeling that was the correct one. I will try new thermal paste first and if that does not work i will just flash the card. I will also check if i can find that vbios at work next week. Might be able to find a newer one also, il see what i can find.
  12. from the sticker on top of the card: DUAL-RTX2070S-A8G-EVO
  13. Hello I recently picked up a "defective" asus rtx 2070 super. The guy had issues with drivers crashing when playing games, and also the void warranty sticker was voided, but he never got to change thermal paste. I am now trying the card in my 2. PC. Did DDU first before installing the newest driver and trying the card. I can do the furmark stresstest with a bit of artifacts, but when i tried the GPU burn in test, the program crashed after a few minutes. Drivers are still running and windows did not freeze. I have the pc hooked up to my 4k tv, and with a oooold i5 750 cpu with sata 2.0 its
  14. Hello my family is constantly complaing about bad wifi reception at home. It's a fairly large house with three floors. The main router is in the basement, which is not an ideal location, but i want the control of it, since i live there. I am only running a old asus dark knight router n66u. I am trying to find some used routers since they are pretty cheap in Norway. Currently i am watching the ac88u and the ac3200, which of those would be the most ideal to go for, and also i would like to have to AImesh routers. One in the garage (lan parties at 2. floor) and one at the 1. floor since my broth
  15. Found an awsome deal on a Corsair RM Series™ RM650 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular. 100$, think i will go with that one.
  16. Well, that looked like a decent one. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it's being sold here in Norway
  17. Which power supply would fit my choice? I usually just buy a random one from evga or corsair, but this time is for my home server. Currently running a 500W coolermaster unit which works fine, but it lacks sata power. The server is running 24/7, so i guess a high efficiency psu would be nice. Req is minimum 8x sata power. Price doesn't really mather that much, but i guess the cheaper the better :P. Running unraid and mostly using it for plex, let's say i am a data hoarder. Specs i7 4770k Asus maximus vii hero 16GB memory 8X HDD, 8tbs mostly (only 6 running atm, becau