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    Intel i7 8750H
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    RTX 2070 Laptop
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    MSI GE75 8SF
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    17,3" 144Hz 3ms

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  1. Makes sense what u say. What about the DTS support? Can I use VLC on a Android Box and watch therefore the movies there in order to fix the DTS support on the TV?
  2. Hum now that I tried so many things makes sense. The lack of brightness kinda makes me regred buying the TV. Maybe I should back the bought the 55Q80T...
  3. Sorry for the late answer. Well I'm using external HDD and now tried PLEX. Both aren't that great. In case of PLEX it sucks, because I don't own a good internet. Plus I don't have any DTS support. So ye, there is the biggest issue. Then I notice the Series X hasn't a sharp image in the OS of the console. For example on my 6300 it's crispy and looks great. Even if it's 1080p it up scales great It just seems that my TV isn't up scaling that good. Sometimes it does but even then... For a OLED it seems weak compared to a low range TV.
  4. Hey guys. I hope u all are fine and fully healthy. Well I have a BX6, bought about 3 weaks ago. I know there are ways to stream movies via PLEX and etc... But we'll I own more then 5TB of movies and 4TB of TV Shows. Since if doesn't support more then 75% of my movies (sound) can I use a external Android Box TV like a Xiaomi Box S 4k? Would that fix the sound problem connection my external HDD and play it via VLC? Thanks And I wish u great holidays Stay safe
  5. Well I have a older 4K TV, same inch, its a KU6300 and it runs the same content alote, but alote better. I don´t know what to do, Im very disappointed!
  6. Hello guys, I just bought a LG OLED BX6 (55") and well, while 4K contente is great, other resolutions seems very bad, not at all clear image or even "close" to sharp. Im using 720p and 1080p contente and yes on my older LG (7400) did work great. My questions are: - What settings are I´m missing? - How to improve other contente resolutions? - And for gaming, I know there is a gaming mode, but looks so washed out "the colors", what an I do for HDR Gaming and Movies? and the last stupid question: - While gaming Warzone, I noticed that my screen "Lu
  7. AMD is still behind on gaming. i7 smashes the R5 and R7 and the prices of a R7 are higher. Sure that I wish I could find a Nvidia card but we are out of stock for at least 2 months because of coronavirus. I'm literally only have a 5700XT on the marked even the used ones are out of stock. I never saw a GPU end that quick like the new Nvidia and AMD Gen. Never... Even the new AMD CPUs are out of stock without any news of replacing it. My country is a damn failure
  8. Hey guys, I´m planning to build a mini ITX for my brother, he already owns 1 thing: - LG 31.5" 32GN550-B FHD VA 165Hz (Monitor) He plays on 1080p, so he already has keyboard, mouse, sound system It was purpose by some store this: - Mini-ITX Kolink Rocket Heavy - Fractal Design Ion SFX-L 650W Gold Full Modular - Intel Core i7 10700 8-Core - Cooler CPU be quiet! Shadow Rock LP - Mini-ITX MSI MPG B460I Gaming Edge WiFi - G.SKILL Ripjaws V 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3200MHz CL15 - GPU XFX Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB THICC III Ultra
  9. Hello guys, 1rst of all, I hope that u guys all are fine in this hard times with this pandemic thing, as a healthcare I wish u guys plenty health! Well, Im living in Portugal, thats EU zone. So, I bought a new Series X so far so good. Im using in a small room so it can´t be bigger then 55", but, well, at this moment Im using a monitor LG 27UL550W 4K, isn´t bad but Im looking to have something better as long as it won´t go much more then 1000$. In my country we have all weak blackfriday, saw some TVs (monitores are to expensive and maybe not even worth ?!). I s
  10. Most sold monitor is this: Asus VG278Q it has G-Sync. And its at discount (250$) Is it worth?
  11. So to my solution = upgrade to a better monitor right? u may saved my frustration!
  12. Does that matter? I own a 60Hz but he plays on a 144hz TN AOC I guess.... What does that "influence" the CPU?! Or shutter? Does that mean I have more shutter because of 60Hz?
  13. He is using a AOC with 144Hz. Im using a 60Hz. Why? Does that makes diference?
  14. True true. Now to be clear, I just wanted to make more sense of the history and ye well, maybe to clear my mind, both of us made good investment, in short therm he is better but in future Im better.... well hehe he had to choose that CPU because he had a case called (well something small, not the EVO version, something similar.... Anyways I´m happy but sad that he spended less and has better performance anyways life is that haha! THANK YOU for explaining me that ?
  15. He plays (and so do I) alote GTA V, BF4, BF1, BF5, maybe the new COD, Ghost Recon, Hitman and other AAA singleplayer. He got more then 20 to 30 frames then I do, sometimes even more ? not that Im not playing good but Im trying to understand why. Yes u guys make me clear, most games still need 6 cores so whatever he does, he is fine, but in future I gona win since I have 8 cores and future proof.