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  1. I have already tried clearing the cmos and reseating all components and I can’t get anything to display, the motherboard’s ez led debug doesn’t indicate anything specifically malfunctioning which is why I say it is booting properly
  2. While updating from 20.9 to 20.10, the most recent amd driver on an amd 5700xt, my computer crashed and was unresponsive with a black screen, now my computer will boot properly but won’t display a single thing, not even the bios or motherboard manufacturer’s logo while booting, I’m pretty sure it’s the graphics card that’s the problem but my question is what can I do to fix the cards software without being able to use it? Or what can I do to be able to use it seeing how I can’t get a single thing to display?
  3. thanks i got it to work and show up in device manager
  4. if i am not using realtek already, is it necessary for me to get? the front panel mic isnt working even though the audio jack is
  5. is there any risk to this not working? cause if so ill save it for a last resort if nothing else works
  6. ryzen 2700x msi b450 gaming pro carbon asus rog rx 5700xt gskill ripjaw v 3600 gigabyte c300 case running on windows 10, and when plugged and set as default it is picking up the mic but not my voice, i believe its the static because it is constantly peaking whether i talk or not and yes i have tried other headsets and cords but they all act the same when plugged in, i have a standalone that works with an audio interface but sometimes i dont wanna use all of that its easier to plug in to the front panel
  7. all drivers currently installed are the most recent ones by the way
  8. (after checking that my audio connector was plugged in properly to my mobo), i noticed that my front headphone jack works but not my mic in. after looking online i came to the solution that it was my realtek driver, but when searching in my device manager i didnt see anything about it being installed on my computer at all, i only find my monitor and s/pdif inputs and outputs in my audio inputs and outputs section and in my sound, video and game controllers section i only found amd high definition audio device and a high definition audio device manufactured by microsoft. my question is why can
  9. hi i would like to know how i am supposed to connect my case's prebuilt leds and case fans, as they use molex cables. i am new to pc building and i am confused, the case is a aorus c300 and my motherboard is a msi b450 pro gaming carbon ac. please help