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  1. Make sure your m.2 has been formatted to a gpt partition. Or else windows could format it to an mbr partition by default resulting in your BIOS running in legacy mode in windows.
  2. It could be the nvidia 460.79 driver, it is causing all sorts of issues https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/417924/geforce-46079-game-ready-driver-feedback-thread-re/
  3. 460.79 has some major issues, would roll back https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/417924/geforce-46079-game-ready-driver-feedback-thread-re/
  4. Need a extra episode for company followed up on the criticisms.
  5. Anyone else see the comment from the CEO of maingear in the youtube comments? Wallace Santos This makes me very proud of my staff! This video highlights the culture that we’ve built within MAINGEAR. It’s of the reasons we only hire true enthusiasts. Thank you again for the opportunity LTT! Now let me go take care of of my guy before you hire him. - MAINGEAR CEO
  6. Yes, MSI afterburner has OC Scanner
  7. If you use OC Scanner what score does that achieve?
  8. An example with the 3000 series
  9. A fan has tied with Noctua and now a company wants to make that fan
  10. And now it looks like a company wants to make the leading fan design
  11. In Australia they are out of stock and the 3090 is price at around $3000 AUD . nvidia GPU the new iPhone?
  12. Ok drives are now free, now the new storemi uses StoreMI Bottom Device Storage Controller instead of AMD Virtualized AHCI controller for Ryzen 400 series (if using the 400 series motherboard). "The AMD StoreMI 2.x installation adds Storage Controllers seen under the Windows Device Manager. You can expect to see a “StoreMI Bottom Device” and “StoreMI Controller [storport]” for each installed hard disk and SSD storage device. Do not delete or modify these storage controllers. Each will be deleted if StoreMI is uninstalled and after rebooting." however the installer is not ins
  13. Maybe even a ram drive could be used, though SSDs or m.2s would be a cheaper and easier option.