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  1. Dear awesome channel! Often I use Unity, Unreal for making games and 3D apps like Painter. In particular Iray, Unity in SLI HDRP, ray tracing, testing physics, Rhino7 render, Octane, Unreal 5. And shader careation OpenGL, Post process effects, etc... Looks like is missing from your side experience and you are sharing wrong assumptions sometimes. It feels like is missing a experienced developer that makes content. Also for testing new upcoming features that are not in games but, we developers, use and need to make decisions. There is an improvement along the years from your s
  2. The case of this is like a small PC. I presume there is 8 small batteries in it. Putting the UPS in another room is an option but... Yes, Instructions tells must be close to, in this case, the PC. No extensions. And If I put it elsewhere in the house small house I need to pass inside the wall special dedicated cables up to the Lab. The noise level is nonsense for a working environment and untolerable for a room. I'm thinking in a car exhaust muffler does so well the job.
  3. Time ago I purchase a UPS that spec was so close to my PC power that was not capable of online service and just few ms of power drop make my pc restart. So I decided to be more careful this time because I'm afraid of battery degradation. Did I exaggerate or can be close to specifications of running two 3090?
  4. Why not? is so useful pushing my frame rate down. More FPS more staff I can add or manipulate in some applications.
  5. ye but I need to cut I need to pay also software etc. My problems are GPU moving triangles and alpha blending. I do not use often so many cores. But if I go slow I can jump and purchase a used i9 cpu.
  6. Ok 1000VA = 525 watts + margin also if I'm rendering or backing in SLI and two TV 50 4K + some extra 100w marin connected like accessories headphone audio. And I know I will go two 3090 for modelling and painting textures. The problem is that if I go low I need to replace the battery more often.
  7. In my house electricity can go out for a 1 second when switching to a better input line fase. I purchase a Ups Apc Srv3ki Smart 3000v. I switch it on and is intolerable noisy! Why they do not use 120mm or bigger fans? LINUS team make a review and hack it to reduce noise! My pc is W1100, i5 9600k, 1080Ti and thinking in putting 2 3090 for game development.
  8. Hello, My name is Alan Mattano, ex Ferrari Pinin desigenr and sailbout designer. Now Indie dev. I'm available for any question about aerodynamic, game and 3D. My Pc setup is extreme and medium badger. i5 9600K, 1080Ti x2 , 4K 48" + VR Odyseey + HD, 100Gb Ram, 1tb eM2 + SSDs..., etc
  9. Hi Linus and LTT Team, Can you make a video about curving the monitor of a 75" 8K TV in a custom mod way to make it fit better to a desktop use? I mean like a 75" 8K TV and use it as a desktop. I'm actually a 43" 4K curved TV as a monitor since (2015?). But I wish to pass to a 8K (3090) and looks like is to flat! And If you wish me for more ideas let me know.