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  1. Hey guys, so, I recently had an internet speed problem (speedtests were showing the right speed but whenever I actually downloaded files it went down to like 10KB/s) and my ISP send a technician to fix it. That technician exchanged the router and told me to mail the old router back to my ISP. I wondered if I would have to pay for shipping since it wasn't my fault that I got the router. Since then I have called the service hotline five times and have gotten various answers from "the technician should have taken the router with him" to "it's normal that the technician left the rou
  2. Hey, so, this might be a silly question, but if I replace my current boot drive with a new SSD with a clean install of windows, can I then just plug in the secondary hard drives with files and programs on them and expect it to work like before? Or does a new boot drive require a full formatting of all of the drives? Also, I wondered if cloning would be an easier way and would that have any effects I should prepare for? Sorry for the probably obvious question and stay safe!
  3. I guess at max 2kg and at least 6-7 hours of battery life.
  4. I'm from Europe, as I said I have no fixed budget yet but because I'm an art student, I'd like to keep it as cheap as possible. I'll also carry the thing around all day, so it shouldn't be too heavy and the battery should last a long time.
  5. Ah, I wished there was some kind of nice solution for the optical drive situation. I hate carrying around a bunch of different adapters and external devices. I also never had an Apple device, so I'm not very sure. Well. I don't have a fixed budget yet because I'm still scouting for different solutions but but I'd like to keep it as low as possible.
  6. Hey, so. Here's a challenge.. I'm thinking about getting a laptop for art school - obviously it should be fairly light because I'll carry it around all day and the battery should last for a while. I will mostly be doing a lot of writing and browsing, however I also do digital art and illustration, so the laptop should be able to handle Photoshop and equivalent applications and the display should at least be decent with colour accuracy. I don't need a too much storage - all my work will be ideally backup-ed on another machine at the end of the day, but temporary files ten