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  1. Am i the only one that hasnt had Discord server issues? in the last 3 months I've had discord be unusable only a single time and it was less than 20 minutes. In the last 3 months i've had steam go down more than discord..... Shit my goddamn power has been out more than discord has been down in the last 3 months.... This seems a lot like discord getting popular so now it "lmfao discord bad bad" to me ?
  2. R6 siege is 102gb with HD texture pack installed and about 61gb without.
  3. Though maybe a little polished in the interview this tactic pretty much makes sense if you're sitting where AMD is sitting. AMD had to know there would be a swift response from Nvidia and that it would likely be matching and/or surpassing the new Navi cards. Easiest way to deal with this is aim high and be fully prepared to drop the pricing ASAP depending on how hard they responded. That it is to say it could be completely planned at least in the base level but for PR they are playing it up to appear slick when really it was a necessary move as even AMD knew they could
  4. Just like "I dont like it because it isn't build the way I want" is not a valid form of objective criticism. You can scream and kick about how its bad all day but you've provided nothing more than "BUT I DONT LIKE IT ?" as any kind of argument. You're entitled to your subjective opinion obviously but don't be shocked when people ask you to back it up with some kind of objective reasoning beyond "it suck, LMFAO" You could easily say this product doesn't align with my personal sense of value while still objectively understanding how it may appeal to a large portion of the
  5. Or take a 3ds and fix all its major issues and you get a switch. - Remove the fairly useless 2nd screen and instead get a single decent quality in a larger size - get rid of the odd nubs and add actual (if not a little small) analog sticks - get rid of the silly 3d gimmick and instead finally get more graphical horsepower so things actually look decent - ditch the proprietary charging port and put in a usb-c - ditch the shitty solo speaker and put in a couple of speakers that can actually make sound. - ditch the shitty "touch" feature that almost always req
  6. Jesus christ, my man who pissed in your Wheaties? If you don't prefer the switch over other consoles then that's fine but you seem incredibly into rage-jerking about it. The switch offers enough different to actually warrant it as one of the better consoles of the generation, if you ask me. In fact its the only console i've owned since the original xbox because its offers enough extra vs a my pc that can do everything a static plug into a tv system console (xbox1 and ps4) could ever do. Mobile games, in an ok build quality unit that costs less than a mid range GPU. I honestly don't see what's
  7. Stop. Please stop. As much as I agree that a monopoly is bad for the consumer i'm sick of having 3000 different platforms that i own games on. Now i need a nice piece of software that allows me to log into all my game platforms, and manages and installes/downloads them in one ui.
  8. From what i read the hack happened in 2018 only, and the only mention of 2007 was the data they got into were backups that were dated 07 and older. This is the only mention of timeframe, and presumably this is june 14-18 of 2018.
  9. A lot of work for something that will explode with popularity and die off fairly quickly once the rose tint wears off. To each their own i guess.
  10. Its been noted that Vegas is less complex and advance then Premier but i think it should be noted that Vegas is no windows movie maker either. It is still extremely powerful, even if much simpler than Premier. There are a few fairly big youtubers that use vegas (idubbz and demoltiond+ off the top of my head), it is an extremely capable editing software.
  11. This console thing is stupid i'll agree. these kind of games are a massive undertaking to run and have no place on a console. Try running arma 3 on a console and see how it goes. but it runs perfectly fine on pc (though it could always be better) and the gameplay is fun. the cool thing to do all over the internet (and all over this thread) is to say the game is and always has been shit and "idk why anyone plays it" People play it because its a fun game. Stop being so goddamn contrarian.
  12. ITT: people hating PUBG just to hate PUBG. Its a fun game. Get over it. Jesus.