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  1. The only way Thermo-electrical is going to work is if you use it as a stage in a normal loop. the problem is you are dealing with to many joules per second, the peltier is a huge bottle neck for transferring that kind of heat. for direct cpu cooling you would need a surface area probably the size of a dinner plate if not larger. But if you put a peltier block in the loop as a stage before the CPU block you will get a reduction in temps. this will probably not be supper efficient but im willing to bet that you will get a drop in CPU temp from a standard loop. You go from the CPU to
  2. Been using Logitech mice for 15 years or so. Always liked the hardware, its been sturdy, motion smooth for my gaming style, the g600 has more buttons than i know what to do with. But G-hub software absolute crap, for no reason at all it decides it doesn't need to detect the presence of the mouse even though the OS sees it just fine, that happens way to often. Up dates generally brake any custom profiles you have might have created, and now the Installer doesn't even work which is problematic when you have to completely reinstall the software to fix the problem with soft detect. And mice aren't