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  1. hey Bananasplit (cool name btw) all im asking is if i can run water though it or i can open it up clean. But since you said it fine to open up i guess thats waht I'll do.
  2. I've this Thermaltake Pacifier Pump, but before cleaning it I'm confused whether I should run solution through it or it can be opened? This is my first time please help me out here! Thanks
  3. Yes it is. But you know like andrei said monitors are designed in such a way that they can persist certain amount of heat anyways, so yeah.... thanks for replying Mira!!!
  4. hey bud yes like not really hot, I can easily place my palm, warm. So its alright right?
  5. hey guys i just want to ask i recently got the Predator Z35P and after using it for an hour at 80%brightness the center of screen seems quiet hot, so is it alright or should i use it and lower brightness? Thanks for reply pals!!